Vanilla Sky and Inception’s Mental Activity

Vanilla Sky and Inception’s Mental Activity : an insightful comparison between the expression of mental activity in the movie ( vanilla sky) and  the expression of it in ( Inception )

and how every story   had something special to show us in this sense .

Movie Review (Vanilla Sky and Inception):

Vanilla sky : fiction/thrill movie by  actor/main charter  Tom Cruise

discussing  the hypothetical idea of artificial immortality choosing to live a frozen life in asleep body

and a perfect virtual life in the mind .

distortions start to happen in the designed program where there is no way but going back to reality and facing it .

Inception : fiction / action  movie by actor / main character  Leonardo DiCaprio

discussing the idea of navigating the depths of the subconscious mind through living in dreams on different levels

and getting through them back to reality after unlocking certain potential or changing core believes which affects the dreamer’s perception and as a result there choices too .

Actual Life vs. virtual / mental / perceived / imagined Life:

being in reality  means being in the body or in the  feeling of the now moment .

living and interacting through the instant interactions that comes straight from the mind which is wired to  the subconscious .

The manifested world is the theater where the story is actually  played .

where there are certain characters and circumstances that can be changed only by taking action

and  by actually making changes in reality.

The perceived world is in the mind or the dream world  only .

it is the perceived picture of what does exist.

and the more the man is honest and true to himself the more he is balanced in both arenas ( the reality and the perceived picture of it )

vanilla sky’s approach of Mental Activity :

the movie explains how harsh circumstances can make a man wonder if he has the chance to just

leave his messed up life behind and starts a new fresh one .

a perfect new life that has nothing to do with reality .

a recreated scenario, a perfect one , a new story, anew chance to live .

what if this is possible ?!!

because it was possible in the movie and seemed like a pretty good deal

it was nice to live a happy life in the mind

till the subconscious started to ruin it , because after all

humans are more than a mind or a mental activity .

there are many other stored memories in both the body and the spirit

so even if we could design a perfect life for ourselves just in the mind

how can we escape the other essential core elements ?!

Inception’s approach of Mental activity :

back to the same reason of leaving the body frozen in vanilla sky and living only in the mind

the same happened to the main character’s wife , but she was to escape totally from reality and live with her spirit .

Leo said it all starts from  idea then it controls you

living long enough in dreams and perfect imagination

being stuck in a world of fantasy kills the thrill of reality .

the wife’s fantasy world started as mental , only imagination in the mind

it turned to a craving to something more than life itself .

the idea was so obsessive and sickening when she started to ask him

to come with her too

asking for both to leave reality .

this is where imaginative mental activity can work against reality .

when it is more attractive because we have invested there more than we invested in the actual life .

The Necessary Balance  – life lesson:

The mental activity forms the mental aura which is the brain’s energetic body .

this mental aura is strong in people who use their thinking frequently.

To live aligned with both reality and mind is the balanced healthy way to live.

Because neglecting one means staying stuck in another which is not healthy.

for example ignoring life because of its problems and living in dreams only takes the person to disconnect himself from reality totally  like DiCaprio’s wife in inception.

Also in vanilla sky when Tom Cruise found out the reality that his body is frozen and that the program planted in his mind is starting to make errors , working against him .

he willingly gave up the program, after his girlfriend showed up and told him that they will be together again in another life when they both are cats .!!