V for vendetta :

V for vendetta : political action film produced in 2005 .

discussing the notion of revolution and highlights the reasons behind political uprisings.


Dialectical subjects and life lessons

Can we Forgive Intentional Hurt ?! Respecting Human Emotions versus Necessity :


The movie discusses an important issue of how far it is possible to bear pressure for the sake of learning, and when exceeding the line of maximum harm   becomes illegitimate or inhuman or brutal?!

Mr. “v” had to absolutely crush Natalie Portman “the main actress” in order to awaken her and give her the “dead heart” attitude.

The experience of learning “v” designed was both liberating and traumatizing.

And as much it was important to teach Portman the real things that matter in life as much as it was necessary to do that with the least damage possible.

But “v” did not seem to care, he had a previous already set agenda, unshakable belief that revolution is destruction .

he was all set that the only way to enlightenment was to totally destroy then rebuild.

 The idea is theoretically attractive and there is a beauty in broken things.

there is a hidden power after destruction .

as there is nothing to lose after strong waves of extreme pain.

but regarding the history of Mr.” v” the analyses could be little different .

Mr. “v” had an inner damage himself, and this was his main source of destructive revolutionary attitude.

Of course corruption and suppression were the roots of revolution .

there were many reasons to act rageous, but yet the way he wanted to transferee his intense experience to her was pretty narcissistic.

Many people can get the same lesson from different experiences.

we don’t have to repeat the same tragedy to have equal qualifications  and recognition.

being exposed to intense situations can be destructive to some.

What happened to Natalie Portman was not exactly a gratefulness  to the experience because no one healthy will be grateful for intentional hurt.

but it was another mixed feeling of guilt that she never felt the collective suffering before as if she had to !!”and another feeling of “stepping into a new world, seeing with a new eye, having a purpose to live for “.

The whole situation was far from healthy, yet it promoted the idea of revolution very well.


What does the word Nobility Mean?!


One thing about the material directed to the public is that it passes ideas as givens without any critical filter to choose the thing that really matches reality.

v for vendetta was successful in selling the idea of revolution as a Nobel act in itself, but does this thing necessarily matches reality?!

Because when I watch such story I cannot help but think that destroying is a cool and brave thing to do.

and the truth is that it can be brave and necessary really only if the situation is that bad, and that hopeless.

But with all the dogmatic “rush”, following the angry masses only to release suppressed emotions of anger and frustration that can be for political or nonpolitical reasons , is quite blinding and misguiding.

It takes the reason away, and leaves us with only one direction to go.

Which bring us back to the basics.

for that nobility is taking the right action no matter what is it, revolution or not.

let us not be baized in thinking or in judging.