world citizenship in “Mars Attacks”

“Mars Attacks” : a fantasy, science fiction movie that discusses the idea of having a wider world when the aliens come to planet earth for the sake of experimental research on humans and to have control over planet earth .

Existence of Aliens / a Hypothetical Assumption :

Aside from trendy or cool, the existence of other races had its share in serious research

most of them are secretive and there is only some little formal or concrete information about such topic .

also most of the informal information are not that credible

, but they give a general idea about the nature of such other planets habitants.

specialists say that most of the aliens live in the underground deep holes and that there are secret passages they get out of  but they are invisible .

that some of them have an advanced technologies , and their own ways of communication , even their own  language which is not verbal words but data transfer from hands like waves .

this reminds us with telepathy which is something humans are familiar with.

Human Imagination’s Intelligence :

Some say that most of the movie stories about space and aliens and spaceships, travelling through multiple dimensions or getting over the space /time barrier actually comes from real secret researches in those fields 

that such information belongs to  Secret Intelligence Agencies which can be true .

but there is another possibility  which is the ability of the human brain to imagine real things that are not in his sight , only by gut .

yet the imaginative visions can be very vivid and true specially when there  is  supportive knowledge and strong belief .

this reminds us with Alpert Einstein  scientific insights that we proved to be precisely right,

also the work of  Nikola Tesla –  the very bright name- the god father –  in the field of energy and spirituality which did not have a serious chance of applying yet it had profound human knowledgeable  insight .

This makes one think

could  Marc aliens or the underground aliens be  short and grey ?!

are they talking a funny language and act less intelligent than us?!

Do they use destructive weapons that we do not know about?!

Do they want peace or war ?! Are they willing to cooperate?!  .

How The world citizenship would be like in light of “Mars Attacks” movie ?!:

Suppose there is an actual unseen underground or space population,

how this may affect the idea of world citizenship?!

 Do we change the “human rights concept” to “world creatures  rights” , do we make new ” universal  and cosmic ” institutions to keep peace with other races  like  the United Nations keep peace between states ?! Do we send aliens  “humanitarian ” or “Alienaterian” aids in times of pandemics? and send them extra doses of vaccines because if the virus is transferred to them. it will become more deadly virus .

shall we protect them from “racism”?! And humans bullying  regarding their size and their color?! as they are short and grey?! will they declare war when they feel less intelligent or less respected than the human race or when not well contained in the international system?! .

We do not know really, but we like to keep the question open for the reader’s imagination who pictures the short and grey aliens from the movie “Mars attacks” right now.