Silencio in Mulholland Drive :

Silencio a famous word from the movie Mulholland Drive : a Film by David Lynch, produced in 2001,

was meant to be a full television series which did not happen,

instead it ended up as a masterpiece of symbolic unusual theatery like artwork of different scenes that gives many interpretations and impressions.

General Mood of the  Movie:

It is dark to a very far limit ,  unfolding in an  inconsistent puzzling yet relatable way.

Sure it connects you to something beyond usual art , some described it as majestic.

The background music makes you feel sorry for a reason you will know while you are  following the development of the story.

Graphics are very useful and expressive in a non cheesy yet not too perfect almost messy way .

And you sense the message or the moral of the movie before you actually try to think it through.

Like it speaks to the subconscious mind through emotions and not by the conscious direct or clear way .

It has also a hypnotic dreamy foggy atmosphere that creates confusion and keeps the attention and the involvement high.

Horror without Horror :

In horror movies big part of the thrill depends on the surprise of actual obvious scary scenes.

But this one is totally about the inner horrific feelings that transcend reality itself to a  level of abstraction and a deep knowing .

What is not obvious is as scary or more scary than the obvious.

It shows that human feelings and human behavior/ attitude are an ultimate source of torment and sorrow.

And that there is nothing captivating like the magic of the mind when it starts to see the truth from a deeper level of existence.

The Moral of the Story, The Obvious Interpretation:

People keeps asking David Lynch what does he mean by all the symbolic scenes of the clup / theater and the cube and the key and the scary hellish person that appears sometimes.?!

They ask as if they are totally oblivious to what is happening which was very clear in the quote of the mysterious character  the ” cowboy ” who asked the director to choose specific girl for his movie ..when he said to him.

” don’t you think that a man’s attitude determines how his life will go “

It is quite obvious that every action has its consequences, and every choice and every attitude has its karma .

Silencio, The psychological Emotional Hell and The  Devil’s Theater :

We do not know what is on the other side of this life , but David Lynch made us feel what might be on the other side of this life and he totally nailed it .

What is Hell ?! A consequence of doing not good / evil deeds either you believe  it or not , the definition exists.

The actual hell is like the obvious scary movie but the psychological hell is something like what he showed in the performance of the lady in the club.

Her voice is expressing extremely horrifying  torment, sorrow , fear , emptiness .

Also her appearance is as if she is crying , and the make up smudges on her face completes the struggle .

The audience cries too

And the silence is scary.

There is no band but the music keeps playing because it is the illusion that the devil creates that keeps playing in the minds of those who believe it .

The man on the theater’s stage embodies the devil , it shows in his scary eyes, horrifying looks , his voice and his theatrical mysterious speech … it is an illusion.

and illusion is the farest deepest most silent and depressing place .

Because illusion does not exist , it is a creation from the Devil’s mind  and it has no roots in reality … it is a nonsense, it is a nothing , it is a silence… it is silencio .