The Role of Authentic Impression:

The Role of Authentic Impression :The way we create an opinion or a point of view  has  a lot to do with our subconscious mind,

it is very complicated process, affected by many aspects  like our  own believes, background, values,priorities and triggers .

It has a lot to do with gut feelings and intuition, and most importantly the heart calling.


Impression versus forced logic:


One of respectful opinions says we have to make complete analysis and cover all aspects of a topic.

which is good in an academic fields or research studies where there are formal specific and strict ways of writing.

to be good writers in general , it is ok to present incomplete analysis” missing many important points or disregarding them,

I am not supposed to cover all things related to a topic because it is not  academic report.

it is rather something that comes straight from my intuitive mind and my heart calling that I should be trusting ,

and I appreciate that there are other aspects or points that can be addressed, but those are not my aspects.

I am sure there are other people out there may be interested in covering them.

The exact points I choose to focus on are the points that speak to me,

and there is no forced pattern to this, I don’t even like to have a specific standard way of writing in general because first I get bored fast out of repetition,

second because there is a variety of beautiful ways to do things,

third because I don’t want to interrupt the flow of my ideas the way it naturally comes by trying to fit a model that does not belong to me or to my vision.

so there is no standards for this , it is a mix of art, knowledge, insight.


Changing our rhythm to please society:


People who radically change their methods, ways of thinking   , unique identity to please the crowd are a bit detached from themselves , they may be asking for attention more than communicating their authentic message or following their calling  , as you see changing ourselves  to please others limit  our natural abilities that should be respected and appreciated as it is


Authentic Expression of Impression is Art :

sometimes we see value in words because of the teller that we trust or like,

or the way it is said by

or the way of expression.


How to Inspire others :

there is something powerful and intense in believing in our own ideas, the belief gives inspiration to others

our insights help others to see different aspects and everything you feel that burns your soul is an art.

find a way to express this inner burning light and you are an artist

speak for your self , speak your own words.

find your own logic

create a character that is convincing to you before anyone else

your identity is built by your passion, your knowledge, your skills, your mind all together

from there comes out authentic impressions and the more you are grounded in your identity, the more magic you can create.