Loved me Back to Life Revival by Celine Dion

Loved me back to life by Celine Dion : a song explains  the importance of the sincere genuine support in a relationship

and how positive environment revitalizes the inner life force .

The overthinking Trap:

I was walking dead stuck inside my head

I couldn’t get out

Turn the lights down

The voices inside were so loud

You know you are not in a positive  mood or in a good state of mind when you are overthinking something and you can’t shut it down .

because the circulation of your thoughts is trying to find a way out .

an answer or a conclusion that satisfies your inner search so that the mental stuck energy gets released .

Feeling rather than Thinking:

Need a jump-start, catatonia, I couldn’t feel, I wish that I could disappear, the voices inside were so real.

The thinking process is an important tool to learn from the situations and the circumstances we get in.

it helps in collecting wisdom , and soften an intense feeling .

also good thinking directs our actions and help us make the right judgments and make our choices .

But when there is too much thinking, it means there is an imbalance

there should be more investment in feeling, more attention to subtle emotions instead, more noticing without judgment.

more empathizing and self compassion .

simply more being .

staying in the thinking loop for a long time means that the feeling muscle is becoming less functional and it takes a wild push

a high jump , a fierce start to  regenerate and appreciate  the power of  feeling  again

and  feeling itself has its own wisdom because it deals with the subtle energy / emotions  instead of voices in the head .

feeling describes reality .

Emotional support:

But you stood by my side. Night after night. You loved me back to life.

switching from thinking to feeling , takes a safe space where there  is validation which means someone is listening to what you are saying.

and what you are feeling no matter how complex .

it means there is no judgment , there is only validation and allowing rather than resisting and judging  .

this is when we know we are understood , and welcome where there is no high expectations  , envy or malevolence , fear or  passive aggressive behaviors ,we act in the best possible way and more importantly we grow and expand our inner sense of stability , our sense of self and our relation with others.

Revival and Awakening / life lesson :

 From the coma, the wait is over

Being conscious is not only a matter of thought .

big part of it is just being ,feeling ,sharing ,experiencing and  expressing emotions .

it is being aware of what is happening in both our minds and hearts .

when we don’t know why we do what we do , when we are not connected with our bodies through feelings , and when we do not take our choices considering the truth , it is when we are in a coma

Experiencing feelings – all kinds positive or not – is some sort of reliving and regaining the old original wisdom

the kind of subtle wisdom that works great with the mind and spirit all together .

only love and acceptance , only kindness can awake such wisdom .

it is never too late to wake up from a mental or emotional coma .