The power of Words in  Keep the Animals Away by Lara Fabian

keep the animals away :  a song that shows the importance of speaking and expressing ourselves.

To express yourself which serves many goals. Because ( every word is a story) it can hold great deal of meaning.

use it like a spark , you can motivate others or inspire them to create a better world or a better life or to remind the human race of the natural wisdom of the heart and its infinite ancient knowledge

( to light up all the memories. Inside your ancient heart).

Expressing emotions

You can also express your feelings to the closed ones and this is freeing you up from pressure so you can come to union with yourself ( sharing pain and beauty.. Makes us who we are) ,

and ( it makes us less defenseless / in a healthy safe environment / and brave against the dark) it gives empowerment to face the dark and the evil forces in the universe.

Speaking the Truth :

( if we dare to raise our voices, and circle round the flame, Our dance will keep the animals away)

If we are brave enough to speak the truth and say the right words this makes evil unsettled,

the confusing strategic dance will keep the animals ( evil / who are waiting for a taste, and feeds on fear and anger),

it will keep them away… Because they can’t live in the bright burning flame light of the truth , can they?!