The ancient Egyptian Melody of Greatness

Ancient Egyptian Melody of Greatness ” song of Isis” is a funeral chant ,song or a hymn written in the old Egyptian language used in religious writings back in old Egypt in pharonic Tomps.

words of the song are by an Egyptian scientist specialized in the ancient Egyptian history  Dr.Mysara Abd Allah.

and sang by an Egyptian operal soprano Amira Selim.

The event that called for making such song  was celebrating moving the Egyptian  royal mummies to a new Museum.


it was more than just a song  in a celebration but a whole recall to the soul of The ancestors by bringing the Egyptian language back to life.

along side with an outstanding show in many Egyptian Museums and historical spots including  the pyramids.



Everything from the music to the words to the big event was making sense

Also left a very good impression world wide as a way of advertising tourism.

For that  Egyptians were making a big effort taking a better care of the cultural treasures and the historic spots.

as a part of a bigger strategy  of improving tourism facilities in the blessed land.


Ancient Egyptian’s civilization:

Old Egypt had so much to give to the world and it did show so many wonders not just the pyramids.

but in many other fields like  medicine and early industries that modern sciences still don’t   understand  how ancient Egyptians  got their  advanced ways from.

Or  where did  they get their mysterious chemical formula for mummification from that fairly preserved their  mummies  all that time.

The civilization that started more than 4000 years ago ” some says 7000″ did not just happen.

It was a byproduct of many elements that created the Egyptian personality  which survived so many challenges and breakdowns along the history  but never lost its identity.

Instead it was absorbing the new cultural elements getting in the way and learn from every mistake.

First element contributed in forming the ancient Egyptian civilization was  River Nile.



Nile is the main reason for life

and the reason beyond initiating  agriculture and starting communities.

up till building a two sided  kingdom ” upper Egypt and lower Egypt”   that became one union later.

River Nile and soil and agriculture shaped the early personality of  Egyptians.



and then  came the second cultural element adding the powerful magical formula of spirituality / religion.

Faith and religion is something that exists  deeply  in the Egyptian cultural collective consciousness.

It was always like this,

believing in the sacredness of the River Nile

Of nature, of kings and queens, of gods.

They just couldn’t live without faith.

It was their super power.

Relegion is a very considerable element that adds a sort of attractiveness out of believing in a higher  power that helps Egyptians build their Greatness.

And this exactly what appears in the Melody of  the parade.

showing how much ancient Egyptians loved the idea of worshipping gods and singing for them.

And how much they believed that death is just a phase just like life.

Only moving to another world or the afterlife where gods have control over.

Third element is achievement,

Of course stable nations that grow their food and matter their business has time to create, to establish something.

But the urge to create and to learn itself is a little bit of a national feature or a nature that did exist in ancient Egyptians.

This is why they were all about achievement and further writing about their achievements.

Not mentioning the arts, the music or the rules they lived by,

but there is no doubt that  the old language revival  is a way  of  reviving the  ancient culture even for just few minutes.

So that we can appreciate how great this civilization was and always will be.