The Nerd in Fever Bitch:

The Nerd in Fever Bitch : the nerd is the main theme addressed in the romantic light comedy moviefever bitch  it discusses how having obsession may affect other areas in our lives .

Movie Summary:

” the Main character ” has an obsession which is a hobby, he spends long times in attending  its activities , and he organizes his whole life around it , also he collects stuff reminds him of the game and print  badges on his shirts and bed sheets of his favorite team, which affected his entire life including his  relationship .

The Nerd (the Right Judgment vs. the Lack of Judgment!):- 

the No judgment :

Because this life is not perfect and it is not for the purpose of ever after happiness but it is an  experimental  temporary presence for the sake of understanding oneself and the truth, there are some irrational or illogical feelings “primitive and natural ” that creates such  judgments .

and we have  to get over those meaningless limiting judgments because they are not leading to the truth.

Like when someone who does not know you judge you superficially by your looks, your spoken words, your accent , your connections , they are using primitive and personal impressions not the truth .

This is why most of the badges we put on others like ” idiot” /” nerd”/ freak are just a naive and superficial way of understanding others , because the judgment here does not  depend on a moral standard that really refers to the truth . 

the Right Helpful  Judgment based on truth : 

When people see someone who keeps doing an action frequently, they call him or her with it ..  like honest, dishonest, intelligent, good or nice or sweet, mean, selfish, selfless, hard worker, so on.

in this case it is a right judgment because it does match the truth . and it is not a bullying tool or a way to get from other people’s self-esteem .

it is just plain truth expression like the recommendation letter we get from our supervisors at work to tell others about our ethics of work and our ethics  in general .

Of course you have to watch out not to take the judgment from the wrong people.

the wrong people are the ones who are not neutral. the ones who do not have a right logical way of thinking. People who do not believe in the existence of moral standards . People who keeps telling lies, also superficial and empty minds who like to drag the world to their level of nonsense.

Fixing the Imbalances and Reasons behind Obsession:

The important thing about judgment is that it takes both working mind (logical thinking ) and heart ( compassion ). to notice is easy but to set the right actual description Is a precise work that takes knowledge.

so the word “nerd” is not helpful , instead we say there is an act of obsession which means too much focus , too much action , addiction like behavior  .

And the reason behind any obsession like ” workaholics, people who are crazy about their supposes, people who are crazy about their social image, people who are too much in the looks, people who are too much in sports … so on, they all have the same problem which is an inner dissatisfaction or gape where they don’t feel ok with themselves, or worse they don’t have a real purpose in life so they get stuck in minor and secondary things that they think it is the life.

in both cases sure the too much of anything is not helpful, only the real healing  to the root causes will help .