The ( I see you ) in “Avatar”

The ( I see you ) in “Avatar” : i see you is not just a word or an expression, it means i recognize the soul you are.

People give all kinds of comments, they see things differently.

but Some have the insight and some don’t bother make an effort .

Some are able to see and recognize the beautiful patterns and are able to recognize souls.

gifted perceivers  keep being at the high vibration of abundance  they become a provider of it,

they see the best in others, and the core of them, also their potential.


The Power of compassion:

As they say the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,

and here we don’t mean being a hypocrite or trying to fake a feeling,

we mean that a really healthy soul or a good heart can really see the authentic beauty and the potential and the value in others,in everything and everyone.


To see by heart:

It is known that everyone has a unique genetic imprint of his own that no one else has,

but who can really recognize, see and care about this uniqueness?!

it takes an eye , Not just an eye, a really intelligent noticing  positive and kind eye to see what is good in others,

to see who they are trying to be in a good light

To care about their struggle and to appreciate them as they are.

Everyone is born with such ability to see with the eye of love, every one has a certain level of empathy.

but it is not the same for everyone

because some are more invested in their  selfless manners and values more than others but the ability is natural and free.


I see you is Deeper than I Love you :

A very  famous line from the movie Avatar , it means I know you , I get you , I appreciate the person you are , I understand you , I connect with you .

Like the word Namaste that means the soul in me recognizes the soul in you.

imagine being recognized by the same soul as your partner, that would be a great deal.

and puts the relation in the soul level connection right away which is what happened in the movie.


How can you help and Inspire others- Life Lesson ?!

love is the forever highest vibration,

and the universe is abundant,

when you are abundant and generous with others in terms of  free of judgment view of them, you help them shift.

unconditional and infinite love does exist and it is the basis of the existence and the reason behind creating all humans.

to channel this, is co creating with the universe .

to channel this, is participating in healing so many souls.

being the bridge that transfer those high meanings to earth, to others , and to yourself by repeating them is a simple and effective way to boost self confidence.

training the self to deal with others with an open heart that is free of judgment also makes life easier for us , because this way we teach others how to deal with us ” with an open heart” too.