The Hulk  / Movie Fast Review:

the Hulk :  Action movie telling the story of a man

who turns by chemical transformation into a green giant when angry .

this is when he loses control and gains unlimited super power .

The Nature of Anger and the chemical transformation ( movie and reality ) :

Just like any emotion, anger is an energy in motion.

anger is an energetic charge which gets generated by the body

because of a perceived violation to one’s core values

or a certain injustice or just a natural primitive reaction to a specific provocative behavior.

it can also be paired with disappointment or  feelings of powerlessness or frustration.

the chemical transformation was best shown in the main character’s body when angry .

how his body interacts with the feeling , and how the feeling starts to change his body’s nature and biology , even its shape.

the scene is quite informative and explanatory .

if you want to really imagine what happens in your body when angry you just have to watch the scene .

All emotions are signs that direct us  in the ocean of all unlimited  possible actions.

Only emotions know what is needed in the moment, there is no right or wrong emotion because there is no stupid body even the giant body was no wrong .

But there is wrong perception behind a right emotion, for example when someone gets angry because of wrong understanding of someone else’s intention

anger is a normal reaction , and can be contained and regulated .

the Giant in the movie , and the Giant of the self :

we think that giants are legendary creatures or unreal things which only appear in movies .

but the truth is that every one has an inner giant in him.

he is invisible and very similar to the one in the movie .

he can be triggered by any stimulation and its reaction can be quite destructive and out of control .

luckily the main character managed to know his own triggers that turns him into that giant  .

like he is angry when offended or  afraid .

also managed to practice deep breathing and trained himself to calm and get back to normal in a matter of  time .

he also knew when to use this strong and powerful transformation when he needs to protect himself .

calming the Giant and embracing the Hulk : 

in reality : There is nothing empathy can’t heal .

Validation is nothing but an ability to empathize with the feeling of another person.

when we respect other people’s emotions, we gain their trust, because we take them seriously

Because this is how humanity should be treated  .

Validating is respecting the personal experience of other people even if we don’t understand

we should never deny or belittle their emotions.

The highest form of validation is perceiving the emotion by stepping in the shoes of another

by putting oneself in someone else’s shoes , empathizing with their emotions or feelings.

The effect of validation is absolutely magical in calming an angry giant .

Suppressed Anger and the Shadow Self:

people should never  underestimate the side effects of suppressed anger.

it is the number one reason behind depression when we ignore taking action towards the reason behind our anger or frustration .

– it does not have to be violent reaction  but it should be assertive-

suppressed anger may turn to shame and low self-esteem or inner envy or

sick want to hurt others or beat oneself because energy  don’t just go away.

processing emotions specially anger and feeling them, releasing them

help us stay healthy and happy .

Anger  Management / life lesson:

every one has  the right to feel angry, and that anger is not a bad thing, it is normal, it is human, it is necessary.

Learning how to respond to provocative comments or behaviors, being assertive of your rights and your ability to set the right boundaries and speak your truth, expressing your feelings to the people you care about and telling  them about your frustration and what you need  is very helpful.

Sure anger is important, it tells us about the important things that matter to us the most and shall be respected, but staying in a charged and anger stimulating environment is not healthy, so you may consider creating a healthy peaceful space /environment  for you where you don’t have to be angry  or stimulated  all the time.