Learn from ” the Devil Wears Prada “

Learn from The Devil wears Prada:

The Devil wears Prada : a light comedy that discussing an important aspect of life which is the idea of protecting one’s authenticity and trying to have a life compatible with the core values one’s believe in rather than living a life that is nothing like us.

Unexpected Life Changing Experience:

the movie compares the life of a fashion diva with the life of a smart ambitious young woman who needed the job but she never thought that the job would be such a life changing experience that will lead her to herself at the end .
many times we think that we have to stay without change in a linear process to reach our goals but life is not that simple.
things change, we may lose a job or a relationship and start wondering if we would try working or even studying in a new field or choose different sort of path or get to know people different from our usual type.

Sacrificing values makes us lose self-respect:

The character of the horrible boss in the field of fashion had such an insensitive / unkind personality , she was so mean with her assistants ,
Almost was without mercy embodying the pragmatic philosophy of sacrificing everyone in order To win and to stay on the top.
Very materialistic dead look to reality, have no soul, no empathy.

True Meaning of Rich and Poor:

but do we really need to do that in order to gain material success ?!
material things are important to survive and little thrive, but wouldn’t make us poor too not to live from a place of mercy and compassion .
the human self does not feel its real value until it gives to others.
Until it rise above its natural instinct of wanting to win.
We don’t have to leave all our needs behind but a little consideration to others makes us feel balanced inside and also lovable.
We could use such good energy coming from people liking us as emphatic and friendly

The role of Environment:

After a while of working with the monster boss the main character’s behavior did change to the worst….
even her view of the world and her view of herself and her boyfriend all changed under the constant effect of her horrible boss bad behaviors and cold attitude that she started to act shallow and cold too .

Don’t lose Yourself :

she started to lose herself and her old life for a job and a boss who had a disrespectful way of treating her and was not even a good role model to follow .

the Different Aspects of Success:

the boss’s personal life was a mess , she was not successful at her own family life .
all she wanted is her career, and this is sort of failure because a moderate success in many essential aspects of one’s life is better than focusing only on one.

Back on track – life lesson:

Finally she started to detach herself from the toxic mindset of the pragmatic philosophy and regain her authenticity and courage to take the track that suits her ,
she chose a different life for herself , different from the one her boss chose after she saw how cold the boss can be sacrificing her closest friend to keep herself on the top .