The Culture of Desert in Desert Rose by Sting and Shab Mami

Desert Rose : a song by Sting and Shab Mami representsing  the Arabic culture and its  roots affected by the Geographic nature of wide Deserts and hot dry weather.


The idea behind embodying  a certain culture in an artistic form whatever the kind of it ( poetry, painting, song ….etc ),  is to get the best out of its core values and tradition.

To get to know the people and their life style

what they stand for and how they perceive life.

Aside from cool and trendy and different.. it is one of the human motives to get to know other people, other nations

to make just right connection where we can exchange experience and grow.

The culture of Desert is tough just like Desert,  but it us full of passion like a rose.

Desert takes strength to survive the heat, the drought, the direct sun, the scarcity of food, the wild life surprise attacks, the frequent movement from one place to another.

But it is full of magic coming  from the golden rays of shameless sun and the unapologizing soft sand  that makes the  heart sink along side with the feet.

They say the most beautiful Rose is the one that could survive the drought, this is why a civilization that comes from Desert Can be very impressive  to explore.

The Mirage:

Dream is always a hopeful word that opens up the gates of possibility and unlocks the dream land of Desert.

This is the dream of Rain, the main source of life.

But a famous natural phenomenon  the song is referring to is the Mirage which is all just a dream of Rain.

The mirage happens when one is too thirsty and keeps imagining the water in front of him but when he is close enough to catch it ,

he finds out it is just a reflection of his desperate desire.

Nothing of the mirage is true, it is all in the mind.

I dream of Rain, i dream of gardens in the desert sand

I wake in vain , i dream of love as time runs through my hand

the Hot Temper and the Hot Temperature:

Anthropology is a science that studies how a nation’s main features are formed.

One of the Desert habitats biological tendency is to be hot tempered, overly  emotional or overly sensitive.

it is all part of the deal , of making a partner with the Desert.

I dream of fire, these dreams that tie two hearts that will never die

Near the Flames, the shadow’s play in the shape of the man’s desire.

The Element of Mystery:

This Desert Rose whose shadow bears the secret promise

This Desert flower

No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this.

In the light we can see clearly almost  everything which makes us feel safe and comfortable.

But in the night, when the sun goes down

And when the darkness covers up the Desert land, there come the secrets that tortures the curious minds that wants to understand  the reason behind the unfolding charm of the blessed land.