The Birth of “Superheroes”

The Birth of “Superheroes” : superheroes is a song by the script discussing the circumstances that make the perfect trigger to the undiscovered human superpowers.

Life Lab:

There is no story like the other. There is no person like the other. But everyone has his own suitable circumstances designed to push him to the best potential.

All the life she has seen / All the meaner side of me

They took away the prophet’s dream/ for a profit on the street

It happens that some people get unlucky when it comes to the supportive energy.

Instead they may hit to or meet unhealthy or toxic patterns, or environment.

(All his life he’s been told, He’ll be nothing when he’s old, all the kicks and all the blows, He won’t ever let it show).

Although life is not supposed to be an easy picnic  to anyone. Still there are different levels of hardships.

And some had to go through the real dark tunnel to find out who they are.

Most people are not a firm believers “they took away the prophet dream”.

and most of them like to do things the easiest way . The winning no what way!  so they burn the most valuable thing they have . Their soul.

Knowing ” the right” way is a step before” taking the right way”, and not knowing there is a “right way” is another step back.

And believing in wrong way / illusionary / deceptive way is the most backward action. And being confident about the wrong way is the absolute self-destruction.

The Alchemist / the Magician:

Tough times do not make superheroes. They only give a chance to unveil superheroes.

the environment only gives the potential .then people show their true colors when they are faced by true fire .

and people are different in their handling and responses.Only when they refuse to give in their power. Or let others decide for them.

Or be a blinded follower. When they choose to do the hard work and make decisions that preserve their freedom and self-respect.

This is where we are witnessing the birth of a superhero.

The superhero is someone who can handle the pressure but not in submissive way,

he rather take that conditioning and limiting situation and change it into something useful.

Now she’s stronger than you know,   A heart of steel starts to grow

This is the role of the alchemist who can play with substances and brain chemicals,

who can make wonder out of mess. ( every day , every hour , turn the pain into power )

Also the magician who can shift energies not by lying but by discovering a higher truth that surpasses no matter the mount of misery or failure there is.

Innovation and Self-Formation:

When you’ve been fighting for it all your life

You’ve been struggling to make things right

That’s a how a superhero learns to fly

The number one reason why the highest level of pressure is the best for growth is that when things are tough we become creative. And skills get explored or even built.

Also every lack in one side is surplus in another, if you have been faced by fear, you are developing bravery,

if you have been faced by injustice, you are learning how to hold on to justice. When we live ages in darkness, you learn how to appreciate the light.