Successful Relations in  that’s the way it is by Celine Dion

that’s the way it is A song by  Celine Dion explaining the complexity of love relations and how  it takes  work to make a  happy fulfilling stable connection that is satisfying and healthy .

 Lyrics and extracted meanings:

I can read your mind and I know your story

It’s an uphill climb, and I’m feeling sorry

I see what you’re going through yeah

But I know it will come to you yeah

Relations aren’t that simple and they are full of challenges that take effort to overcome

a relation is an energetic field generated out of of two merged energies that may have differences because of different backgrounds , age differences , cultural differences , different natures , believes .

but surely if it is worth the try it will rise .

if there is a magnetic and genuine chemistry or a spiritual connection, things will push you to find ways to work it through

when you are ready it will come to you

you will attract it to your life eventually.

Don’t surrender ’cause you can win

In this thing called love

When there is something that is worth it , there are so many ways  to make it work .

for example understanding the other person’s background makes it easier to expect their tendencies  so you can  adjust your expectations and make no big deal out of small mistakes that  don’t matter .

another example is  age difference when the interests are not the same

or if one is more outgoing and the other is more of grown up minded , there can be a common ground  where both feels ok functioning together .

it is more of a negotiation to make a certain balance .

partners can be  different in the type of energy itself .

some energies are earthly , grounded , rooted , slow , stable , organized ,,,and other energies are more of fast , volatile , intuitive , spiritual.

in this case, There is a  core difference which is both strengths  and weaknesses are different .

but practicing and training on how to contain the opposite pattern , learn it or at least be ok with is a good start .

even if it is hard in the beginning to function with absolutely different kind of energetic nature , it will grow in a better sense as long as there is rational and patient effort from both sides willing to negotiate .

Only if it is worth it/ Life Lesson:

When you want it the most there’s no easy way out

When the connection is genuine and promising this is an enough reason to make the necessary work both individually on one’s life and collectively in the relation’s dynamics itself.

Generally speaking nothing worth having is easy .

and nothing in life is , It does not mean we have to make it hard for ourselves  along the way , but  it means that choosing the things that mean something to us can be manifested  by making many small genuine gestures that grow with time into big power that can unlock the hardships or challenges we face in choosing something worthwhile ( love come to those who believe it , and that’s the way it is ) .