Speak Quotes

Speak : a teen drama film produced in 2004 based on award – winning novel of the same name,

about a teenage girle who had the hardest experience in the last year of her high school .

General Look  :

The movie script reflects deep insightful thoughts , as the novel seems to be a raw emotional experience that is full of wisdom.

Seeing the world from the eyes of a high school teenage girle who stopped talking with her friends after she called the police who called off the party they were all having .

Kristin Stewart plays the main character Melinda Sordino and as usual she embodies emotional  disturbance very well like in twilight.

Sordino is a complex role showing the struggle of getting through hard traumas and the way of getting out or healing journey.

The moral of the movie is that no matter how hard the experiences are they can  heal only by speaking our mind and by standing for our rights .

Insightful Quotes from the Movie and what  they Mean ?! :

– “sometimes people just suck” the mother

The mother told her daughter sordino that it is part of the nature of most people that they don’t act well or decently with others.

– ” you are the tree ?! ” Art teacher

When melinda chose the tree theme as a start of her art project that continues  the whole year , art teacher commented on her basic tree by “good start and we will see how it goes from there till the end of the year.”

referring to people with thier work is symbolism by merging  thier identity with whatever they do that represents them .

– ” you are 14 and lost your voice ” Art teacher

Said the art teacher to teenagers

Showing them that art is a point of view or a personal perspective and it takes courage and freedom to show it.

– ” today is the career day .. am I helper , doer, planner or a dreamer ” Melinda sordino

Knowing what to do in life should not be by chance ,

it is a deep self understanding and inner knowing .

Such personality tests help in knowing one’s gifts, abilities and tendencies .

– ” I don’t believe in symbolism, you can make all that up ” a student

People are different in their perception levels ,

and some do not see beyond surface  it is hard to argue with them .

Becouse they are so fixated on the narrow  understanding of things .

To let go of the surface it takes courage that most people don’t have.

– ” has anybody here learned anything from me ” Art teacher

After giving his students many A grades the school cut from his salary becouse it is a sign of non realistic evalution.

Teachers who teach about strength may feel frustration too becouse they are humans

and they pay for what they believe in .

– ” I should probably tell someone, anyone ” Melinda sordina

After her friends thought she was overreacting by calling the police .

Her best friend left her becouse she did not know what happened in the party .

All the pressure was too much and she had to make her point .

– ” you need to visit the mind of a great one , picasso ..he painted the truth and wiped it from the earth with angry hands ” Art teacher

Told Melinda to start watch more of Picasso work for more inspiration and becouse she was ready to take her tree to another level.

– ” you are the most depressed person I have ever seen ” Melinda’s friend

Seeing her as depressed  becouse she was not paying attention to Melinda’s perspective .

And she was too busy talking than listening to what Melinda has to say .

– ” we want you to do your best and we know your best is alot better than this ” the parents

Motivating melinda after not having high grades enough to get her to a favorite college .

– ” you can’t speak up for your rights and be silent ” Melinda’s friend

Motivating melinda to present her article orally becouse she could not defend her right of just writing the article ” without presentation ” .

– ” if there is something that is eating at you , you gotta find a way to use it ” Art teacher

The source of all great work is a deep  yearning  of authentic self expression that comes from a genuine place .

It could be a struggle or an inspiration or a challenge . It does not matter as long as it matters to you , it is a good topic to start with .

– ” a Rvolutionary is only as good as his analysis ” a teacher

Melina analyzed the quote as you should know clearly what you stand for to make the world a better place.

People stands for all kinds of things and believes  but it takes everything to stand for the right ones .