Shine Bright like a Diamond

  Shine Bright like a Diamond A famous song by  Rihanna explaining the genuine chemistry in love relationships.

also the big shinny field of energy tat connects two hearts deeply with the bond of love .

Lyrics and Meanings:

Find light in the beautiful sea , I choose to be happy

finding light is To live in the moment  while  being happy with oneself

it is also creating an energy field of pure love and joy which  is something that lights up the world

and gives everything a special meaning and a happy feeling .

living in the moment,  makes us engage with the world which is a sea of energetic waves and vibrations and possibilities  .

 You and I, We’re like diamonds in the sky

a true love is shinny like the reflection of  light on a diamond

shining in many directions and angels .

energizing the world around with high frequency  energy

a light that represents the pure intentions of its lovers

and of the souls who have met before actually they manifest on earth.

soul mates and past life partners who connect deeply

they vibrate on a very high frequency .

You’re a shooting star I see

A vision of ecstasy

When you hold me, I’m alive

We’re like diamonds in the sky

in the eyes  of a true lover

You are special like a shooting star that is seen and  noticed right away .

you  are a vision to those who don’t know how to dream .

your presence is full of life that everything comes near becomes alive too .

she says : May be , i am “as a lover”  have the same special gift of being attractive too  ,

i am shinny inside like you .

which makes us both alike

diamonds in the sky .

I knew that we’d become one right away

she refers to the intuitive and instant vision of soul union ,

the divine bond.

The first time I saw you I knew  that there will be something sacred and special between the  both of us.

I did not know  what it was,

or why it seemed unexplainably effortless and vivid  that I could not ignore it.

At first sight I felt the energy of sun rays

From the first look there was a radiating light coming from you

like a sun shining lovingly and calmly

as if  your energy field was in sync with everything that exist .

you were peaceful and warm like the sun rays without even trying .

I saw the life inside your eyes

The living life force appeared in your eyes,

because eyes are the window of the soul

i noticed there was something significant

something special in you

may be your intelligence or your determination ,may be your feelings.

or may be your  soul that was the source of your attractiveness .

sensing the Energetic presence:

People underestimate the higher power of their senses .

sensing the energy that is coming from others can act like an active radar .

some energies can be clean and pure it gets people attracted

because it is peaceful or calming like sun rays .

does this mean that all those who have attractive aura are necessarily healthy?

no, not necessarily

because it only reflects their bodies energetic condition

their bodies  have not much energetic blockages .

or they are not experiencing much stress and they are friends with their own emotions .

but the thing is they may have reached their peacefulness by settling  on moral or immoral standards .

for example : they can be selfish or have nonconstructive believes  but they believe in them anyway .

they may have their own soul  imbalances but their energetic presence is balanced which gives a good feeling in their material presence .

shine bright like a soul / life lesson :

Another type of shining bright is the one that purely comes from the soul .

, and the soul is all about good manners , high values and high ethical code.

having a good intention is the most powerful positive magnetic field .

in this case it is not coming from  ” the organized energetic flow of the moment “

but rather coming from the  heart which is the ultimate inner human sun

the soul  is the inner diamond that creates on a cosmic level

it has its own  balance and its wisdom .

( so shine bright like a soul)