Self-assurance in Who Says by Selena Gomaz

Who says a song by Selena Gomez

motivating females and humans in general to be the best of themselves.

not to take into consideration nonconstructive criticism,

and to just pursue their dreams.

Lyrics and Extracted Meanings from who says:

 I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else, hey

We all met those people who want to make us insecure

to feel good about themselves.

they assume that you should be perfect in their own terms

trying to control who you are and

who you might be by their impure intentions of bringing you down.

But there are 3 toxic assumptions here, that are far from truth.

Assuming that you should be perfect :

we are all humans and we are not supposed to be anything but human which is imperfect by nature.

We are to embrace our imperfection to be able to grow,

at the same time those people-critics- are imperfect themselves and even more imperfect than us but they are running away from their own shortcomings by judging others.

Assuming That they have the right to judge :

while they don’t have that right because you are a separate sovereign being and have full responsibility of your actions and your life.

they also don’t have enough information or capacity or wisdom needed to judge in a right way .

and they are not you to know why you do what you do, they simplify your actions according what they think is true.

Also to judge anything is to have the right mindset of measure and give a truthful accurate feedback.

without learning the right logic and without having a flexible mentality it means judgment is a nonsense that does not count.

Toxic Energy, Nah:

Paying attention to the poisoned ideas that include incorrect givens  designed specially to attack yourself confidence, or at least delay your success, is important .

while most people may be toxic unintentionally by being negative  to everyone including themselves, some know what they do, they know their assumptions are incorrect but they are trying to throw them at  you as “suggestions ” so you “buy” their negative limiting insincere craving for perfection by making you feel ashamed .

and there is a high chance they feel ashamed too so they want everyone feel like they do.

the Self as a Separate Authority:

Everyone, every human being created is divinely honored, so who can take that from humans?!!

Even when there are mistakes, humanity is still honored ,respected and well-preserved .

freedom is a right as long as it does not support harmful things to oneself or to others .

Sovereignty does not mean there is no punishment for those who take from others .

it means that the punishment is a process of balancing the manifestation of Honor to all human race not just for some people.

As long as you know your  boundaries, as long as you don’t take from others what is theirs”   You’ve got every right, to a beautiful life”

Turning Negative to Positive :

One important trick is to learn is to reflex  the effect of negative energy .

not to resist it but to replace negative claims with positive claims .

Who says, who says you’re not perfect?

Who says you’re not worth it?

Trust me, that’s the price of beauty.

Who says you’re not start potential?

Who says you’re not presidential?

Who says you can’t be in movies?

Who says you don’t pass the test?

Who says you can’t be the best?

Who says?!!