Positive Cinema and Restoring Faith in Humanity


The role of Positive cinema:  I guess the best thing an author can do is to give hope to his audience

through presenting fresh new authentic perspective

to human experiences either from real life examples ” biography” or from his own creation .


Mirrored compassion :


The way the author interacts with his characters can affect the audience in a very positive way.

For example if he interacts with tolerance and thoughtfulness and grace with the complexity and vulnerability of his characters, it enables the audience to start interacting with themselves the same way .

and that could be a great inspiration.

for that a lot of people in the modern world struggle to accept and love themselves for who they are .

this can change and can shift


Making a difference :


cinema can have an active role in spreading

positivity , compassion can be learned ,

and what we struggle to accept can be re-framed in so many creative ways.

It all depends on an active minded author who is able to put his heart and soul in a work that can help the audience have faith in themselves and in humanity .


Setting the Right values :


positive cinema is able to inspire people to change in a better way.

stories can carry all kinds of wisdom and guidance

coaches uses stories to give their audience something fun and attractive that proves their teachings.

values like self empowerment in psychology movies

passion in romantic movies

devotion in epic movies

knowledge  in history movies

inspiration in biography movies

thrill in horror movies

the list can go on,

but the important thing is that creating an art is always coming from a subconscious intention of self expression and also the want to change the environment.

do all authors intentionally know what they are presenting and why?!

of course not all of them

it is not that we are cheering for cinema itself

cinema is only a medium that can deliver great things that helps humanity thrive or bring it down by choosing lame topics or weak presentation.


Art and selfish Writing :


it is a good thing to precisely be able to describe a complex situation, but turning emotions that are intense like rage

to a philosophy or being so self absorbed that all i care about while writing is to highlight my own perspective to make people believe in this one side only is a great deal of mass control.

that could be genuinely unintentional, but people are moved by what they see specially if it is presented right.

everyone should know when what they present is so personal which is a great thing ” personal experiences are unique”.

but the way they present any content is a moral responsibility.

at least we know that every thing we spread has its effect, this itself should be on the mind of an artist.

it is not only a self expression, it is a message that may stay in the minds of the audience for generations to come and may change some one’s life.