Rainbow by Sia

Sia’s Extra ordinary work and her song Rainbow

Rainbow lyrics : ( i know you,

you are a special one,

some see crazy where I see love

You fall so low, but shoot so high

Big dreamers shoot for open sky).

I always thought that Sia’s work is beyond the ordinary art of enjoyable music.

May be because she is a song writer and a survivor herself alsostruggled personal hardships before she become one of the best singers in her generation.

it is different when the singer walk the path,

it means his work comes from a real place where every word is truly felt, experienced and believed.

sure Sia connects with wide range of audience around the world

but she undeniably belong to a community of survivors and people who believes in rising from flame.

this is the awesomeness of art,

it can summaries a whole human survival story with just few words

it can show the way and give hope also with few words
specially if the voice is as great as Sia’s

when she says I know you are a special one she speaks to everyone specially those who don’t trust themselves

and have a hard time accepting what they are.

Some see crazy where I see love: because people can be ignorant, rude or just constantly judging others ,

it does not matter what they think , even when it is natural to care about other’s opinions yet you can always see your self in the light of love.

You fall so low but shoot high: it is enough you are doing your best, that you are trying …even if it doesn’t not work all the time.

Big dreamers shoot for open skies, when you fall often it means you try often like all dreamers who dream big and never stop working on their dreams and never stop trying.

The healing Effect of appropriate song :

You could use good song like this one as a motivational supportive track that helps you come back to your own personal power.

Some other songs describe our feelings in a specific situation precisely, they say exactly what we would say if we are fluent.

Such songs help too because they connect us with the current feeling that we have and give it a voice, it is very helpful

Important Advice / life Lesson :

There is a clear Therapeutic advice when she says ( you can do it, just feel baby)

And the advice is quite scientific because Letting ourselves feel is the most liberating and healing thing we can do to ourselves.

Feeling our feelings makes it easier to get through almost anything.

this is what I get from Sia’s strong vibrant lyrics It helps me a lot when I am down and I am sure it helps a lot of people.

For that With a strong voice comes the strong intention to send the audience a healing notes.

Music can heal by its messages like a sent prayer, a good advice or a warm hug.

Of course singers don’t intend to send healing vibes, but prober messages do the job either they know it or not.