Polar Express

Polar Express

Polar Express : one of the most famous Christmas family movies which brings the warm family and Christmas spirit
Telling the story of a kid who had doubts and shakable believes along the way of his magical Train journey to discover himself and his own faith.

Journey to the Unseen:

The kid /main character represents us all yearning for more than the material aspect of life ,
getting in a deep search for bigger meanings in the magical trip to meet Santa who took him beyond the physical to the unlimited world of the unseen and the beautiful road to the high value of faith .

What it takes to begin the search :

It takes courage to believe in what we can’t see ,
it even takes intelligence and above all it takes passion.

Journey’s Ups and Downs:

the main character on the train with his new friends had a wonderful journey just like what we all experience in life in order to know who we are.

The events of the movie are a mix of adventures, misfortune and magical pleasant surprises.

The cost of integrity:

We may notice that those who seek the higher meanings and values get in more trouble than most people who just let life happens.
Because to them without having any say or holding on to any values or without pushing themselves to a higher level of humanity, they are unhappy and unsettled.

It Takes courage:

Just like in the story where the main character who tried to help his friends stopped the train in order to help another kid to join them and to have a similar chance of learning ,
he also got himself in trouble to save the day and find the lost ticket and give it back to his friend.

Life lessons:

At the end of the journey every kid had the lesson of his life crafted on his ticket to bring with him back home.

One had the word (learn) on his ticket , he really needed to learn how to be modest and wise and give others their chances too .

another the lesson was (count on or lean on), he used to stay alone and be distant from everyone else, not enjoying life and the good company of others.

and another one the lesson was (lead ), she had leadership qualities and proved she could take the responsibility , she earned it because she had a wonderful gift to share with others and to help the society.

The high value of Faith:

finally the word (believe) was the lesson of our main character , the one who yearned to see Santa with his pretty white angelic face shining with hope ,with his car flying shining bright between the stars,
the one who saw and talked to the ghost on the polar express roof, now he believes.

Goal achieved:

After the journey he could hear the ring of the bell because he believed there had to be something beyond, and that this can’t all be just a dream.