Patriotism in Hometown Glory by Adele

Hometown Glory : a song by the iconic singer and song writer Adele , expressing the unique nostalgic connection with places of birth and upbringing .

The place Memory :

Historical places and antiques have its value both in money and in meaning .

So what makes old and rusty items or worn out cloths or ancient wooden doors of an old castle valuable?! .

It is time .

Becouse time is a value in itself and when it is added to something already with a value like events  that matter to history or battles that changed empires or leaders or thinkers , scientists or civilizations .. it is a reminder of human Glory in a different time or Era.

Some says places have a memory , they  absorb all human energy that touched them and get them stored .

Sure it is not like conscious human memory , it is just the imprint of past visitors leaving their stories on the sides of streets and pavments .

I have been walking in the same way as I did

Missing out the cracks in the pavement

And turning my heel , and strutting my feet.

Time and place and Events:

There are three main elements in the history’s definition.

The events that took place in a certain time.

So, events and places and time are what we are  experiencing  all the time .

But when we leave one or more of them, it becomes a past .

And becouse rare things have a higher value which is almost a natural law , things that are no longer exist they gain more value becouse they are now rare or non existing .

Round my Hometown memories are fresh

Round my Hometown people I have met

Wandering and visiting Historic places :

It is a cultural and human necessity to connect with such legacy and visit museums and  historical places where there are stories to learn and ancestors to embrace and connect with their past energy.

This is  also spiritually enriching and fulfilling.

Not only visiting  ancient spots that are important in history, but also visiting old places we used to live or work or study in is such a self boost.

That is becouse we tend to build energetic cords with those places

and when we come back they remind us with past versions of us and how we used to be which is an intimate thing to the self .

Is there anything I could do for you dear ?!

Is there anyone I could call ?!

No and thank you please madame, I aint lost ,  just wandering ?!


Loyalty and Patriotism :

It is from the human nature to build those energetic cords with places and people they are used to Interact with .

Also from human nature to feel familiar and nostalgic even loyal to their old selves or old memories .

But it is not always the case .

Becouse we don’t have the same connection or feeling capacity , some people are more ideal or loyal than others .

Some are really making friends with places they visit and remember everything from childhood to adulthood , and some are just cool with the idea of change .

But patriotism is a whole different level of loyalty.

The kind of loyalty that is to a bigger  place ” country land ” , its people, its  culture ,  its past present and future .

Patriotism is feeling  the Hometown glory in its perfect sense.