About Me

About Me : 

  • Nevin Tawfik,  born 1990 in Cairo/ Egypt 

  • my main study is politics but i used to love theory and philosophy just the same. 

  • working as a researcher in the Egyptian Ministry of International Cooperation since 2014.  

  • Having past experience in coaching, researching and writing 

  •  my passion for watching movies made me think in a new way to connect all the dotes and start make something useful out of all the things that i love

  • my articles contains a merge of  my personal views, information , common sense and the insights that i find helpful.

  •  i think movies can be an interesting and creative tool  to

    help better learn about ourselves , others and life .

  • i wish for my writings to be an inspiration to many people all over the world 

    because like Selena Gomez says ” i want to make things great” 

  • and i want this to be a portal to a life changing material that people find themselves in and also find entertainment.