Movie Industry and Forming the Collective Consciousness

Movie Industry and Forming the Collective Consciousness : as everything in the new modern era have its two sided effect, so does TV, Cinema, and movie industry.

According to a recent research made by onepoll , and published in study finds .. The average person watches more than 78,000 hours of T.V.

In another research from the same source, people watch about 3,5 hours of T.V everyday .

Time Recycling:

Sure it is hard to replace the role that the TV plays in our lives, and it is not a smart choice to cut it off to stop spending so much time.

Actually TV never has been a problem in itself, Cinema and all sorts of Arts can carry the moral message of telling the truth.

It is better to switch the collective mentality from “the consuming mentality “of time and aimless stories to”

the benefiting mentality” from time and directed active learning from stories which can make a big effect on the collective consciousness.

The power of the Message:

Every honest film maker, gifted and passionate actor, talented script writer,

genius director has an audience that is waiting for something mind blowing.

Since mind blowing can be happening in all different ways.

Why not that be intentionally directed to change the behavior in a positive direction.

Of course there are hidden messages and many positive life lessons that exist already in the movies,

but why not more clear and focused and intended messages of world peace, high values and objective morals.

All it takes is training to the collective eye to see a learning opportunity.

All it takes is a conscious initiation from the movie makers to start seeing how critical the role they play in affecting the people’ and the world future.

Positive Cinema:

Movies have the ability to change one’s mood, or change a deep belief, in 2 hours, how serious this could be?!

People make trends, copy haircuts, repeat jokes, or lines from movies they watch.

A simple story demonstrated by sound and visual effects can educate truth or feed further ignorance and illusion.

This is why there shall be a collective theme that the cinema industry goes according to.. for example :-

  • Embowering human self-love and personal growth.
  • Asserting morality.
  • Feeding the imagination with positive pictures rather than violence and scary unnecessary crime scenes – only if necessary.

The Educated Audience:

To make the best of our time is not only about waiting for good material,

or good movies to come and deliver itself but it is about the audience too who have as much responsibility to reject the unnecessary

or negative messages and to have a critical eye to notice when a dangerous or destructive message is being passed .

Because the change is not happening by the magical wand of watching cinema unfiltered,

but by consciously choosing what we feed our minds with.

For that repetition is mind programing, and instead of spending 3.5 hours daily in  nonsense or negative programing that leads to nowhere,

we can choose from a big variety of real  valuable content that help us thrive