Love story by Indila

Love story : a song by a French singer Indila, basically is about believing in love.

but it also embodies  the great feeling of being in love with what you do, what you believe in and how you can you make everything a love story.

Different Interpretations:

Every lyrics can be seen from many aspects,

And it can have many direct or indirect interpretations.

The pig picture and the main general idea that I get from such dreamy mood of a delicate song is that being in the positive side of things always end up In a good way.

It ends up with an expansive and successful way.

The last part of the song

” a candle can illuminate the night

A smile can build an empire

And there is you, and there is me

And nobody believes in it

but love makes a fool ” foolish ambitions and dreams ” turn to a king ” something with a real  value and an actual meaning.

Imagination and Reality :

The fine line between both worlds is the human introspection.

One can live in reality detached totally or partially from himself

And one can live in his own imaginary world totally or partially detached from the real world.

The best way is to use both worlds in support of each other

For that every world has its importance.

Of course nothing is ever created for no good reason.

The imagination is the source of all good and new crazy brilliant ideas .

It is that  non stopping ocean of the metaphysical dimension where the self is so deep it has no bottom.

And so vast it has no end.

Openning up to the infinit possibilities and building up along side with reality

like the one in the song was  imagining his love as if he was talking to her .

She is not there and he is barely talking in general yet keeps staring at the photos, believing that no matter how hard it is  worth it.

Another part of the song ” he is not crazy, he believes in it”

He is writing for her , he is even talking to her

He sees her everywhere standing.

It shows the struggle that comes with honest feelings but it also shows the powerful effect of believing in love.

” he is expecting nothing” there is a nobility  in this line, and there is unconditional love too.

The Doubled meaning of the Actual Conversation :

Very intelligent to set the audience in a constant phase of wondering and asking about what actually happened.

Did the conversation really happen or the story of his imagination just kept unfolding.

After he was imaging her, comes the conversation directly as if two people are talking.

Take my hand, promise me everything will be fine

But then comes the line I still dream which creates the uncertainty.

Then comes the argument, the fight

Which still we don’t know if it is happening in his mind or it did happen in reality.

But the important thing is that either ways he is still believing in his Love storiiii just like how Indila pronounce it in French.