tough experience :

The song is Selena Gomez’s vulnerable expression of her traumatic emotional experience,

the one that many of us had been through something like it.

Vulnerable performance :

In black and white clip and simple clothes … Sitting on a chair with a lost stare and shocked laugh,

she sang her pain and made it seen.

Brave singer :

Brave Selena did the only reasonable thing, she used her experience and recycled it into a helpful art to her and her audience.

lyrics’ anatomy :

We always go into it blindly because emotions have a say over logic, I needed to lose you to find me

Because your hate was bigger than my love and I had to choose love over hate.

Self love :

This dance was killing me softly.. I needed to hate you to love me

Because there is one space in my heart and since you made it impossible for us two to be together

Then I have no other choice but to choose myself.

Mind games and gas-lighting :

You were so dangerous that ( you made me think I deserved it.) and I didn’t know that before until I discovered it ( in the thick of healing).