letters to juliet : 


letters to juliet : the story of an old love that survived so many years and finally got the chance to be revived.

thanks to the effort of a young woman who loved the story and got involved in the helping process of the old partners reunion.


Sincerity and unforgettable love :


while this may seem unrealistic or too idealistic to some,

it is a  perfect and just right way of loving to some others

not only because it involves the higher meaning of sincerity and loyalty

but also because it highlights the fact that some people are so rare and unforgettable in our lives that  we can’t just skip them  and drop it from our minds and hearts.

one of the truths of the universe is connection.

the unity of everything that comes back to one source.

to love is to find that rare connection that is hard to find.

and when we find, it is hard to get over for very core reason.

the soul knows.

but not all people are lucky to find their match, or so called soul mate.

and others who find it, it is hard to keep because it is life

and so many people give up the journey and their search

they give in because it is easier to settle for something practical.

we are not to judge.

yet some others want it all, very ambitious and can not live without the burning fire of their soul meeting up with someone special.

someone that means something.

considering them lucky those who finds it.

and even luckier those who gets to live it.


True Love is Worth it :


To live from a deep level inside  means that  we care,

we care to find the gold , the valuable things in life .

things that explode inside us

filling us with passion and life force .

it is never a luxury it is a necessity.

it means we believe that there is a meaning and that Something in our life   worth searching and fighting for.

Worth the effort and  deserves  the  wait if we just can relive such wonderful experience connecting with souls we recognized and knew as significant.

No matter the wait, true love worth exploring and scarifying.


Better lived life- Life Lesson:


only the moments, the seconds we find ourselves dedicated to something  or a feeling that we believe is bigger than us then we really lived.

the movie is message of hope,

it reminds us with the core of life

after so many years the old couple found that their love never faded

that it meant to live and to stay

because years can pass by and we  look back to see that nothing practical ever mattered

except to live and survive.

but only valuable things like love stays forever , as a feeling or even as a memory or a story to tell.

yet it is resilient and can pass the test of time.

even the young girl got inspired by their story

this is how much true meanings matter.

it changes the world by the power of inspiration.