Learning to Breath rebirth of humanity

Learning to Breath by Switchfoot : a song about meeting a unique someone who can be a game changer ,

who can have a great profound effect on his partner’s life

who can  make them see the world differently

as if they are experiencing it for the first time

Lyrics and Extracted meanings:

Hello, good morning, how you do?

What makes your rising sun so new?

I could use a fresh beginning too

All of my regrets are nothing new

so this is away that say i love you

this is a way that i say i need you

this is a way that i say i am yours

Starting a journey of transformation or healing or awakening

takes an intention set to have a new fresh start with oneself

and with others and even with the universe and the divine himself.

Such an intention may need years to build it up

in the subconscious till it starts to manifest and

attract healers, spiritual guides,  circumstances ,

people who are game changers .

although We can learn from all people and all situations,

there are few people are meant to make the most profound effects

in our lives by showing us things we did not  know they exist ,

and give us the necessary insight into ourselves and in the world

so that we can walk in their light and be guided by their wisdom,

or personality or experience in life.

The people who are meant to make big changes in our lives,

they only provoke the big questions .

they rather push us and trigger us hard enough to make our own way.

” spiritual contracts” or the energetic old  bonds we have with some people

in relations according to past life agreements.

like before life we already choose the life lessons we shall be learning

and the people who will help us learn these lessons .

we also chose our karmic relations ( repeated pattern ) .

and defined our love interests way before we manifest on earth .

New ways and a Holly Goal:

That I’m learning to breathe

I’m learning to crawl , I’m finding that you and you alone can break my fall

I’m living again

Awake and alive

I’m dying to breathe in these abundant skies

Change ain’t an easy business,

and it is not a target in itself, we don’t change because it is cool or

because it will give us  more attention from others,

but because we need to  elevate  our souls to higher levels of humanity

which means higher levels of self-love, self-respect and limitless happiness.

Also change itself is not good or bad, it can be both according to the ways we choose to take

and the destinations we want to reach .

we are the ones to decide which way to go, forward towards growth,

or backward towards decline .

staying stuck in the same karmic repetitive patterns that leads nowhere is ultimate decline .

learning the lessons and breaking the cycles by responding differently

is the ultimate growth.

The new way of being, takes new ways of doing and practicing and perceiving

.. because no one can change something in himself without taking many steps ( i am learning to breath – i am learning to crawl )

before shift starts to happen .

The  final goal is reaching freedom .

the kind of freedom that empowers being one’s true self

I’m finding that you and you alone can break my fall

it is about unity with oneself and the universe

and living with a generous soul a new life of abundance

I’m living again

Awake and alive

I’m dying to breathe in these abundant skies