Learn from Movie”Eat, pray, love”

“Eat, pray, love” : An ambitious unfulfilled lady who gets fed up of her life which is no longer satisfying,

so she leaves her husband and starts a journey of a search for  a deeper meaning to life.

The question initiates the search:

Every journey starts with a question, this is how the universe motivates us and pushes us to expand beyond our limits, boundaries and comfort zones.

it puts us  in situations and circumstances that make us uncomfortable .

if we stayed uncomfortable without taking the necessary action that gets us closer to who we are and help In providing relief,

if we did not make  an  effort  to develop a thoughtful answer and a deeper look into the situation, Things get worse.

the heat is heightened, because it means there is a traveler  / human is not responding to the signs and the red flags  sent to help him awaken and expand.

When those small things are ignored, the universe starts to do it the hard way, the traumatizing way.

Getting the signs is the way forward:

If you are not satisfied with your life like Liz, there must be a reason.

there must be something that you are not doing right, or some elements that bring dissatisfaction or invite drama or even toxicity to your life.

You should start listening to yourself more.

for that hushing your intuition may protect you for a while from facing things you think you don’t have the power or the will to face,

but on the long term it will lead you right straight to misery or far from who you really are or where you want to be

it could lead to stagnation/ no passion or worse repeated traumatizing cycles that never stop till you decide to do something about it .

Liz did start the journey by taking a brave gesture of sacrificing her stability just to put herself in experiences that help her discover her inner purpose,

and I am not saying that this is the only way to do it but this is the way that Liz did it,

because the inner search can be done through many ways , this is only  one of them .

Travelling and Meeting new cultures helps in self exploration:

The birth of a meaning or an idea or an insight happens to be the result of new worlds collide, different patterns, different (authentic) points of view, different perceptions.

It is like perception is something that can be of a big worth when it is sophisticatedly built up, layered and richen  by parallel theories and opposite cultures  that help us to test and explore our own individual  inner voice.

Italy to Liz was Like a lab  , she was experiencing and experimenting  the philosophy of  food tasting and enjoying and making,  the philosophy of dancing free as a cosmic free being , taking time to do nothing and feeling the pleasure of that , celebrating humanity and friendship  , even the sound of spoken words in languages can be inspiring .

liz exploring the meaning of life:

Liz was trying to experience life on a deeper level, she thought there must be something more that fills her with feeling and gives her a strong why to live every day and every moment with great passion.

it is like saying I don’t want to feel dead inside and live like that, wasting time on the day to day usual activates,

liz subconscious mind says I want to live on a higher level of humanity and to do that I must try things differently.

the meaning liz in the search for is self-love:

At the end of the journey liz found out she was not only searching for a meaning, she also was searching for her true self.

the journey led her to the idea of self-love after she practiced  living the uneasy circumstances in India, and practiced meditation and talked with many wise people and had teachers and gurus.

she traveled the world just to find herself and she experienced loss along the way, but this is the price of growth, that only rational people are ready to pay willingly for the sake of a better humanity.