Larger than Life by Backstreet Boys :

Larger than Life : a song by the famous band Backstreet Boys, released in 1999, from the album Millennium.


The song is all about the joy that gets created on the stage while performing  good art and how the audience cheer makes the world  larger and happier.

Art is two way Process  :

People create arts because they want to , becouse it is there inner yearning and probably their message in life.

And they create art becouse it helps them share thier creation with others

Which is of course a source of joy and happiness.

And it help inspire others too so it is sort of an energetic deal.

We get the inspiration and enjoy the good art and the artist gets the validation and the recognition he deserves.

It is not a conscious process of course but it really is a reason behind the continues creative process.

It is too dull to perform only for yourself, and if you do, it is hard to keep yourself encouraged for long time.

Even if you will perform only for  a couple of people like your father and mother.

Or some close friends who appreciates your art or whatever you do … it is very helpful in getting you motivated.

What makes Life Larger  ?!

Our life is measured by the moments of true happiness we live and the good memories we make.

At the same time sharing our gifts and talents is a generous gesture that help life expand for us and others.

Sharing makes life larger as they say sharing is caring.

It is caring for yourself by expressing your art and saying your word or your vision and caring for others by letting them experience the beauty of what you make.

So don’t underestimate your role, you are needed.

Your creativity matters and your feedback on other’s work matters.

Both are important in creating the atmosphere necessary for innovation.

I may run and hide when you screaming my name, alright

But let me tell you know there are prices to fame . Alright

All of our time spent in flashes of light.

Loyal and Supportive Audience :

Famous people and celebrities are not necessarily better than everyone else , they just can affect thousands and millions of people and shape their emotions and views.

On the other hand the artist gets affected heavily by the audience too.

Imagine being a famous star and everybody loves you.

They support you when you feel down and they appreciate your work.

Isn’t this the best thing that could happen and a source of power in itself.

I am not talking about celebritie’s fever or obsession over fame.

But the special relationship that connects one genuinely talented and loved actor with masses and fans who cares for his art.

We may see some examples of how appreciating the artist can be a very human touching experience like in johny Depp’s trial after he came out from the court, a fan was waiting for him with a flower in her hand.

It may seem simple, but it shows great deal of love and respect which is the very meaning of larger than life.

All you people can’t you see, can’t you see

How your love is affecting our reality

Every time we are down, you could make it right

And that makes you larger than life.