Killing me Softly by Roberta Flack

Killing me softly : a song discussing the feeling of self loathing and inner pain while interacting with  relevant Art ” the song played in front of the singer”

Theatrical scene of the Bar :

The entry of the song is more than just opening words  .

It is creating an imaginary picture of the place and the people interacting in a dramatic or a theatrical scene where the wandering  visitor meets the singer who will be singing the heavy relevant words.

Since singing has  many dimensions like singer’s voice, song lyrics , the rhythm or the music, the good song has all dimensions well executed.

But this song adds up the dimension of  feeling the presence of the story.

A Singer sings a Song about a Singer :

Life is not without irony , so is Art .

There is an irony in making the twist of singing a song that is all about the profound effect that the singer or the artist in general  leaves in his audience.

Strumming my pain with his fingers

Singing my life with his words

Killing me softly with his song

Telling my whole life with his words

The Constant Human Need for Understanding :

People are to feel all kinds of feelings and there is no way they stop feeling without turning to rocks or in another words ” Narcissists “.

Concealing feelings is sickening and disempowering but why many prefere to Conceal their authentic feelings in the first place ?!

The answer is becouse they can not handle them .

And they can not handle them becouse they don’t get them , some don’t even try to get them.

This is why finding understanding is therapeutic but at the same time rare .

Most of the time people talk about their own experiences and they can not see beyond this .

Or they have a limited capacity to empathize or feel or understand what someone else is going through.

But luckily Art is there.

a well- written song can embody a situation and it’s relevant precise and complex feelings .

This is why we search for sad songs when we are sad,  attempting to describe what we are experiencing.

Same for happy moments , subconsciously we are connecting with ourselves and our emotions through relevant words .

I heard he sang a good song , I  heard he had a style.

And so I came to see him, and listen for a while.

The Rhetoric and Metaphoric Effect :

Plain language is great , precise, emotionless and to the point .

Poetic language is an art of its own.

It uses metaphors and analogies to draw a closer picture , giving a life to words .

Like strumming my pain with his fingers

Sure he is talking about an abstract, immaterial, nonphysical or psychological pain which has nothing to do with the singer fingers or even killing him at all .

But the words are the fingers who are strumming the pain.

And of course he is not singing his whole life in few words but he addresses everything that is important or intimate to him which makes him feel all sorts of feelings .

I felt all flushed with fever , embarrassed by the crowd

This is a moment when we connect so much that we feel others are involved in the same experience .

Strong feelings came out becouse of the song lyrics .

The song triggered the visitor  but did set  him free.