Kill’em with kindness by Selena Gomez

Kill’em with kindness : A song by famous star Selena  Gomez discussing the idea of changing one’s behavior to be more gentle which can be more effective than acting aggressive.


Words and extracted meanings:

The world can be a nasty place, you know it, I know it yeaa 

We don’t have to fall from grace

If every time you respond to  hate by being angry

or get emotional when someone is trying to disturb your peace you are falling from your high vibration of comfort and grace.

the world is not designed to be a heaven or a paradise.

things can get nasty we all know that.

but the smart one is someone who is able to stay centered in himself

anger is not bad, it is healthy self expression and absolutely normal.

but it is important not to let the feeling consume us.

try not to stay angry, shift you consciousness.

shift your attention.

get back in the seat, you are in control.

Put down the weapons you fight with and kill’em with kindness.

you can’t win when you fight hate with hate, it help to put boundaries when it is necessary

but in many cases we have the choice of not giving the aggressor the supply he wants by stealing our attention and bring our spirit down .

when you are in a graceful place it puts you in a position of can affect others rather than being affected by them.

We are running out of time chasing the lies,

everyday a small piece of you dies,

always somebody you are willing to fight,

to be right.  

Many people are searching for happiness outside of themselves,

they think they want status, fame, money, attention

but all they really want is love, appreciation and respect

the needs to preserve and keep their humanity

no one really wants to fight, no one wants to die inside

this is why avoiding unnecessary conflict and arguments is an intelligent act.

start acting calm by being calm first

by being rooted and grounded in your own soul.



Fights lowers collective vibration- Life Lesson:

Your lies are bullets, your mouth is a gun

No war in anger was ever won. 

All the unnecessary conflicts to prove being right is a sign of weakness and lacking of self-confidence, because people who are sure of themselves they don’t get in such hassle

they don’t stay long in an argument,

but some are too desperate and too afraid of facing themselves

or question their assumptions that they are ready to do anything to avoid being or being seen as wrong.

including creating illusions to support what they think or what they believe.

wanting to be right or to get the approval they want anyway.But this only lowers the collective vibration to the level  that there is no longer winner.

it is a lose – lose situation because the target is no longer finding out the truth but proving the superiority of one over another and this is not a help for anyone.