Je veux by zaz

Je veux : a French song about a young woman living by the philosophy of joy and  simplicity prioritizing natural and genuine life style.

General Mood of the Song :

It is important that the work shall reflect its core believes, values and meanings.

The Song music goes rightfully with the message that is trying to assert the value of genuine happiness and true authentic life style

Showing that people who live authentically get much more in life than those who appear to be in control but are far from peace or inner satisfaction.

Money ain’t the Devil :

Zaz is explaining that she does not want all the luxury to be happy but it does not mean that fortune or prosperity is rather something to reject.

it is actually  the other way around,

fortune and prosperity is one tool from many other tools that can be used to increase the capacity of living by heart and from heart.

A tool to spread authenticity and kindness

to let people know that it is OK to look natural and without all the accessories grab the attention of the society.

Becouse at the end of the day we all like different things.

What makes me happy is not the same that makes another happy.

Very personal and different needs and tasts and favorite life styles.

Not judging what others are wearing or what they are eating or how they are living,

or how they are expressing themselves as long as they are not spreading a clear corruption or a false logic that harms the society.

That simple life is the biggest enemy to the market culture.

For that consumption and constant dissatisfaction is the raw material to marketing.

Only a conscious and aware mind can refuse the pressures and the Manipulation of the market  trying to make customers unsure about how they want to live their life.

Many studies show that heathly satisfying relations are the number one reason behind happiness regarding many people.

Which is very understandable and logical.

But the market is yet a manipulative machine that keeps  using  such fact in a reversed way.

Selling the idea of attracting favorite relations by using  market products.

Such method that succeeds but  in attracting shallow connections that goes with the wind

and out of the window  with the slightest shake.

Becouce it ain’t genuine,

it ain’t true .

Natural creates true Happiness :

There is no doubt technogy and industry along aside with big companies and brands had a tremendous effect on the development of humanity in terms of creativity.

But the idea of marketing the true reason for happiness is not helping the soul or the collective higher consciousness.

That is why we do not need to live in caves or in a tree houses ,

Or cutting ourselves from civilisation to feel connected to our true selves.

We only need to be humble and not let civilization decieve us into wanting just appear masters in front of others.

and this is different from already being masters by already living authentically the truth of who we are.