“Je Suis Malade” Life Lesson

Je Suis Malade by Lara Fabian

Je Suis Malade : a famous French song meaning   “I am sick”.

lyrics are describing the suffering the one experience after breaking up with or leaving a loved one.

Codependency hurts more:

I no longer dream , I no longer smokeو I no longer even have a story

I’m dirty without you , I’m ugly without you, I’m like an orphan who has no dormitory, I no longer want to live my life

My life ceases when you go away

I no longer have a life & even my bed

Turns into a platform of station

When you go away

There is a thin line between a healthy emotional investment in a relationship and an unhealthy codependency that makes one too attached to his love interest.

In codependent relations, breaking up is so damaging and leaves one’s life in complete chaos.

But it does not mean that leaving a normal relationship isn’t painful too, specially for those who have a tendency to feel deeply and strongly.

Attachment itself is normal, we are social species who lives in communities.

It is hard to cut human connections in all cases because emotions create those energetic bonds  that  connects us heart to heart.

Leaving our people or closed ones behind is like cutting of the energetic extension of our hearts, it both emotionally and energetically painful.

Do we have to do it

Do we have to leave favorite people behind

Well, sometimes we don’t have a choice, it is necessary for some relations at some point.

No one can avoid pain any way, life is painful, pain is the lesson and the source of our empathy and wisdom.

Feelings of Separation :


The song addresses  the hard feelings of pain after separation when it is too much to handle,

but the song could embody those feelings of depression, loss of passion, loss of the will of life without one’s love.

also the self hate, self loathing and the dark space we get in in such phase of  trying to move on.

The amount of passion in the song is explosive, not so many experience that much of deep feelings to someone that it nearly get them lost after leaving them behind.

Loneliness and abandonment- LIFE LESSON:


One of the hardest feelings we face in separation is loneliness

It is not just painful, it is tragic… one of the hardest cruelest feelings that reminds us with the abandonments from the past, disappointments from childhood

I’m sick , completely sick

Like when my mother used to go out by night

& When she left me alone with my despair

As if pain recalls all the past related wounds and represent it to you

Remembering all the hurt all at once, forcing you to feel

We can write about that, all tangled  feelings or listen to such song that describes the dreadfulness of the situation

It hurts but not forever, the pain eases with time and with creating new memories that reminds us that life goes on no matter how hard it may get.