Inception Introspection

Inception : a science fiction movie,

released in 2010,

produced by Christopher Nolan who is known by his thoughtful innovative work.

City of Ideas :

Leonardo de Caprio is a talented architect who loses his wife in a world of  imagination where they lived and created their own perfect world of dreams.

Because imagination is more perfect than reality it is easy to lose oneself in it ,

and it is hard to get out when it is on a certain depth.

After being accused of killing his wife he runs away and works for people who wants to plant seeds of ideas in other people’s minds  in order to control them or make some behavioral changes.

Getting deep into his mind gave him the ability of getting through subconscious walls to find out the keys to some one’s behavior.

More than One Reality :

The movie gives the luxurious opportunity of seeing life on so many levels not just the right moment.

For that parallel universes is quite like levels of consciousness.

Every level is different and the more closer to the true self the wider the dream is .

The deepest dream of all would be an endless loop of emptiness where one looses himself and can not get up from which is the ultimate meaning of death.

Leaving the right moment totally.

And the easiest dream to surf is the one that is on the top of consciousness, daily problems and reality and limited superficial thoughts  that can be handled easily becouse it has no subconscious roots.

Experiencing deep dreams can happen in actual life by deep sleep and by using forbidden medicine that takes mind off the superficial levels of thinking.

One of those medicines planted in some of Latin American countries is ayahuasca,

It is a plant very known with its therapeutic effect, spirituality and healing old traumas.

In other countries its name is blue elephant and it is a forbidden drug.

Also meditation gets one deep in the moment where they can surf their deep awareness , oneness and self unity and unity with the universe.

Planting seeds of Ideas :

People are making decisions all the time,

Their decisions is a byproduct of their thinking.

And quality of decisions depends on the clarity of their  thinking and how much they are using the right logic.

also  how much influences there are around them and how much they respond to them.

There are personal differences in this too.

Ideas is a deep level of influencing behavior and subconscious believes is the deeper level .

It happens in therapy when clients open up to their deepest desires and fears.

Unlocking a deep dream  /level after another.

Finding out the real motives and the complexes where trouble happened in the past and kept alive sense.

Projections in dreams Leonardo de caprio mentioned  is the shadow of the situations  we never faced and never been honest about with ourselves.

Feelings never felt and dangers that we avoided.

Like ghosts appearing unexpectedly from nowhere.

It takes the natural gift of empathy to unlock levels of consciousness.

And it takes straight forward  and correct thinking  to fix the subconscious mind by planting the right seeds.