Hotel Transylvania Cool Ghosts

Hotel Transylvania : an animation / comedy / Fictional movie telling the story of Dracula who owns his own fancy resort which welcomes all kinds of ghosts who are having a pleasant stay away from the human land .

 the Unusual viewpoint of Hotel Transylvania:

Changing the angle from which we see reality is what make things interesting, enjoyable and funny.

Exploring ghost’s life rather than human’s life is a pleasant relief, a change of habit , an imagination expansion .

The funny thing is that no one really knows how their life is ,

it is mystic and metaphysical topic who shall be a Horror.

But again changing the perspective or the viewpoint from Horror to comedy is the fresh new idea .

Expecting or imagining  how mysterious worlds and phenomenons are like is always an Interesting topic to audience

becouse it satisfies the psychological thirst for knowing.

Also the curiosity to fill the ignorance gap and give at least a mental imaginary picture of those worlds is a big reason behind creating such work .

The Human / Ghost Argument :

How their life would be like?! ,

wouldn’t be funny if the author used the same emotional human feelings and the same human traditions and life style to use for ghosts as if they are alike ?!

Wouldn’t this feel familiar and pleasant for the audience to watch ?!

Doesn’t this help release the fear of those worlds ?!

and makes it less scary and more attractive from the eyes of creative cinema screen ?!

Doesn’t this make us see everything with the eyes of love which itself is helpful regardless the topic.

Of course it does and this is why it is a famous successful movie that the audience love to watch.

Creative Presentation :

The colors and shapes of ghosts are vibrant and full of life , very fun to watch.

Even the ghosts seem adorable and of course Dracula with the black wear is a  ghost leader theme and the Transylvania is like a dream land name or a byond world imaginary place .

Even when Transylvania is an actual place in Romania,  yet it makes a very good name for the fantasy.

It is also a musical animation which includes some original songs/ music and dance shows giving diversity and richness to the story.

with a little bit of dramatic touch regarding  Dracula’s story.

The story and the characters :

Dracula the vampire was married to a female vampire ghost and they were in love , happily  married and even had a child .

The people knew that there are  ghosts in the city so they decided to attack them and burn their homes to protect themselves.

They did burn Dracula’s home and her ghost wife died and he barely saved the young daughter.

Since then Dracula hated humans and decided to leave thier land and build a high end resort that is safe for all ghosts who fear humans .

His daughter grows up yearning to visit the human city and she falls in love with a human which is a catastrophe to Dracula.

Trying to prevent and protect her,  Dracula does everything to make her forget about her ” zen ” / lover ,

but finally he gives up not just his control over his daughter but also his fear of humans and he starts to open up to the idea of people liking ghosts rather than hating or wanting to harm them .