High on Music phenomenon

High on music phenomenon introduction:

The idea behind learning from movies blog is beyond learning and beyond movies.

It is the simple notion that every medium, emotion, thought, experience, situation, failure, traditional or untraditional tool is a potential way of learning.

Such learning is for the sake of raising the vibration and the consciousness in the right direction of peace, goodness and truth.

Reminding the self  of its true internal roots  of balance and harmony.

Also satisfying that part in every individual  that wants  expansion and growth.

Personalizing the Experience:

Everyone should really focus on their own inner world rather than making the outside thier master.

No one can learn his own lessons without being an independent mind and soul that believes in its own perception of reality.

Without trying to control the outside or pretend that it is controllable.

At the end of the day everyone lives his unique experiance and follow his own path.

Even listening to music can be very personal experience.

Different Tasts:

Some say that music change the chemistry of the mind,  that it affects the mood and it really can have more pround effects than these two.

Any kind of music like heavy dark rock, hip hop or light soft vanilla romantic type or ballroom classic type or country type or  or  jazz they all are Different Interpretations to the good feeling sound that comes from the instruments to fans ears.

Such emotional motion or response is not the same for everyone.

For that empaths and highly sensitive people for example perceive the world in more vivid way and the sound may literally be more vibrant in their system and to their soul.

Another example, true artists has to be emotional not necessarily sensitive ” not HSPs “

becouse it does not take that detailed feeling in every single thing in life but the feeling flow does exist, and it is way more powerful  than average people which makes them gifted.

Like I once mentioned in one of latest  posts that intensity is a quality.

So too much emotions in general or on a certain level is a quality too becouse it means there is a stronger flow or extra speed to the energetic waves.

Music as Spiritual Experience:

This really long introduction illustrates that people are different in their reaction and their  feeling to music.

And that artists and Hsps and empaths are the most moved type by music and things in general.

No one can put a price on satisfying the soul, becouse it does not respond to tricks or hypocrisy.

It is not like ego, easy to manipulate… this is why the music that touches the soul has its own language beyond beat.

Of course beat is the structure, the pattern, the Skelton of a moving peace of music.

Yet there are other elements that speaks to the soul with the beat.

Like repeatition, musicians say that a single  song repeats its rhythm / ” melody ” / tune but with different flactuations in notes.

Also the balance of tension and release … like fast beat then slow.

Like using lower notes then out of a sudden higher ones.

And of course the voice of the singer that channels the feeling of the words through his own talent.

Songs can be a spiritual experiance to the very meaning of high on music

which on some level can be very healing.