Hercules the Legendary Journeys Intro

Hercules intro : This is a story of a time along ago,  a time of meth and legend when ancient gods were pity and cruel.

And played mankind with suffering..

Only one man dared to challenge their power.


Hercules possessed a strength the world had never seen

strength surpassed only the power of his heart.

the Intro and the Extracted Meaning :

The legends in all cultures are filled with rich entertaining wise material

of accumulated collective  creative imagination that embodies a certain philosophy or symbolize certain values.

I can’t think in anything more present in the intro than the western philosophy of man centrism

which  basically says that the man / the human  is both the purpose and the way.

every man/human is his own measure , he is unlimitedly and  unconditionally empowered

unlimitedly free , rational, and he is the point where things starts and things end .

this is very different philosophy from  the eastern culture where there is a belief of a  higher power  – whatever the name is divine or god.

and that man is not the center but rather he is receiving the rules that come from above.

we are talking about the philosophy not the religions

because of course religion in the western society believes there is a higher power.

But when we say legends we are pretty much referring to a societal cultural pattern

where the collective consciousness is built on certain understanding that leads to certain life style.

The Human in the Center ( Man Centrism):

Hercules is representing the man who is the source of his own power

the power that even beats gods who are in “the meth and legends”

who also  were cruel and caused mankind suffering.

His power is coming from his ” own ” heart, and he fight evil

Hercules  is the hero representing the western culture or the western view  of the world .

Western perspective vs Eastern  perspective :

According to this view of the world, truth is a subjective .

because every man is empowered to see things from his own perspective

every man is supposed to be Hercules who is mature, rational, and has power in his heart.

But even if the man is not Hercules, he is societally empowered and respected till he becomes the best version possible

and his growth journey is absolutely his responsibility.

So disagreement is allowed as long as there is no violence.

recently- in the western culture – there are  tendencies and voices  that believe truth is objective
not in the same way that the eastern cultures say – but there are voices.

just like there are many spiritual tendencies that represent another different shade from many other  shades that exist in the west .

But in Eastern culture it is the other way around.

truth is objective this is the default belief or role.

values are different in the east  … the basic values are not individualism but   dedication, spiritual and religious power, sacrifice..etc

The Western Culture is strong mentally and the Eastern is strong emotionally and spiritually .

the first is putting its faith in mankind and the second in the metaphysical dimensions beyond and within mankind which makes 2 big schools that pushes humanity to best possible version if cooperated and made knowledge reciprocated.