Healthy Pride in Starboy by the Weekend

Starboy : a successful hit song by the Weekend released in 2016,

lyrics about being proud of personal success

and making haters jeoulous of  the status that is a byproduct of hardwork.

Brag Tag :

I am a legend … I am a starboy

Words that most people would like to say  showing victories to brag about.

It is an inspiration except for that it has to come from a genuine rightful place.

Which does not mean belittling people who had nothing to do with your life , who did  you no harm.

But to those who are blocking your path.

those who hates to see you rewarded for something that you deserve.

Who wants to steal your spark or value by questioning your worth or doubting your abilities.

To those like Sucking your energy by judging your actions or accusing you of being  arrogant  to make you feel guilty.

And those who want you to be limited and never expand, never grow, never reach your goals.

every successful person knows that envy and jealousy rises in the same moment they do something right.

In everytime they do something that captures the attention.

It is not all vanilla and pink roses when it comes to success.

So much challenges along the way but genuine people don’t give up their right to defend their boundaries.

They don’t give up their freedom, identity or self worth.

They face haters but ironically with the same weapon they got envious about.

Their success.

Using their hate to create even more success.

Like creating energy from trash.

If they can not meet you up, never let them take you down.

Warrior spirit :

One would like to believe that the world is all peace and mercy.

Such sweet idea that is not completely practical  in terms of human nature that can not help but have a dark side too.

Malevolence is real and it is  the opposite of goodness.

It is important to avoid it as much as we can , yet having  the courage to face it when it is necessary.

” I am trying to put you in the worst mood”

Teasing haters and facing their envy.

” you talking money need a hearing aid “

Your conversations about Money  are so minor and little I need a hearing aid to hear them.

” you talking about me I don’t see a shade “

I am important enough that you talk about me in my back while I don’t see you at all, you are like a shade.

” switch up my style, I take any Lane”

I can be anything genuinely I can switch styles and shock you with my vast abilities I can take any lane.

” I switch up my cup, I kill any pain” I know how to handle my inner world and how to deal with any pain.

” look what you have done “

You asked for competition, you wanted me to be part of it … so here is me bragging about the things that you are most envious about.

I am a legend , I am a starboy.