Heal the world and Make it a Better place:

Heal the world and Make it a Better place: Famous line from the song “Heal the World” by Michel Jackson , this master piece is right to the heart of the human journey’s purpose which is being  an extension to the divine light coming right from the source , and to spread this healing energy to everywhere you go.

Song Lyrics and Related Meanings: –

There’s a place in your heart ,And I know that it is love

And this place it was brighter than tomorrow , And if you really try

You’ll find there’s no need to cry , In this place you’ll feel there’s no hurt or sorrow

The song lyrics is clearly talking about the healed heart that reached point of  satisfied harmonious state  where there is only bliss, acceptance and grace , this is the place that shines  brightest to the world and can help free suffering souls , and enslaved spirits for that such light is powerful enough to change the world.

Heal Yourself First so that you can heal the world:

The process of healing oneself starts from knowing the strongest and the weakest in the main four human sides :

  • Mind” cleansing limiting believes and wrong perceptions about oneself and learning about truth and the right logic”
  • Heart” cleansing intentions and taking radical decisions like rooting oneself in integrity.
  • Soul “manners”: act in a moral way.
  • Body “cleansing traumas and blockages “/ taking care of oneself and one’s emotions.

Methods for Self-Transformation and Change:

  • When the weakest sides are indicated we can use different methods to balance the four sides and heal / yet there is no one perfect way to do it  :
  • Using the strongest personality traits to- support – the weakest sides / find actual creative solutions to the weakest sides 

for example if the logic is strong but the body is not as strong we can use logical positive affirmations to raise the vibration of the body .

 if the body is strong and the mind is less strong we can put the body in an environment that is based in truth and rooted in positive behavior.

this is where the body learns the right logic by picking up the sensations and the vibration of the ongoing ” healthy ” interactions ,only  then it is easier to teach the mind the simple logic.

  • External back up: finding a human friendly energetic extension to our energy that completes what has been lacking / it can be friend – partner – family member..etc and this should not turn to codependency but just a push enough to help keep growing .
  • Expansion: this is when we decide to go out of our comfort zone and explore the sides of ourselves that we do not know about, but we just can give it a try, like reading in spirituality for those who did not, or exploring the natural intelligence of the human body.

Taking a decision to change / becoming better and that’s it.

Heal the world and make it a better place :

After or alongside with healing oneself there is healing the world by providing compassion and wisdom and hope and positive vibes, and genuine expression even if this means being genuinely  angry or sad or envious or whatever is emotionally human .

Heal the world by living your genuine true self ,

Heal by inspiring others to be free of shame, by no more covering up the divine gift of soul by no more chasing  societal approval which does not serve our growth and keeps telling us what to do.