Hall of Fame by the Script

Hall of Fame” by The Script, a motivational song about the human unlimited power and reaching its highest potential in  all possible fields.

Song spirit:

The song lyrics and the music have a motivational nature that helps raising vibration, giving hope, a nice feeling of empowerment and a general good mood.

Lyrics and Extracted Meanings:

You can be the greatest, you can be the best

You can be the King Kong bangin’ on your chest

Underestimating your powers is not something you want to do,

you don’t want others to do either this is

why you shall stand up in every situation and assert your rights to be seen the way you deserve and and to be valued for your for what you are truly.

You never know what you can accomplish, you don’t know the boundaries or the limits of the things you may reach,

you are not aware of your full inner power this is

why you should keep pushing towards learning and exploring yourself out of comfort zone,

just to find out that such power was always present in your heart and your soul.

You can beat the world, you can beat the war

There is always a way to be the best in your field, and this way is to compete everyday against yourself yesterday..

You beat your fears and disempowering believes about yourself that hold you back.

You learn how to win your inner war by understanding yourself and having compassion towards all your inner parts and compassion towards others too,

and this is how you win your outer wars also, because nothing in the outer world is not a reflection of something that is in  you.

The Human Potential:

You can move a mountain, you can break rocks

Some will call it practice, some will call it luck

But either way you’re going to the history book

Extra ordinary powers exist , they can be physical , we see people do such  hard things like climbing  Everest mountain , walking on fire ,

jumping from very high buildings , running the longest tracks, breaking records in sports  ,

they do unbelievable things that prove the human brilliance ,

but also extra ordinary powers can be found in  un physical ,

or psychological human side  like those who can find their own inner power

and discover themselves and heal their soul out of everything that stops them

“move a mountain , break rocks

“and they do that by having persistence ,

by keep practicing till their hard work pays off specially when it hits ” luck” so they appear in  ” the history book ” .

Motivating by Picture:

One of the techniques that helps in achieving / manifesting your goals is by drawing a virtual picture of the future that you want ,

a very vivid clear vision of what you are pursuing , seeing yourself  in the place you want to be .

I leave you with the virtual inspiring vision the song creates:

Standin’ in the Hall of Fame (Yeah)

And the world’s gonna know your name (Yeah)

‘Cause you burn with the brightest flame (Yeah)

And the world’s gonna know your name (Yeah)

And you’ll be on the walls of the Hall of Fame