growing wings before success

Growing wings by Lara Fabian, song about getting stronger and more talented by time while keeping both faith and self-motivation till achieving success.

Lyrics and Extracted Meanings:

Have you ever faced an ocean
Though you hadn’t any notion how to swim
But you jumped in anyway
Have you ever kissed a lover
Knowing that his heart was broken and damaged
But you held him anyway?

“Leap of Faith”

The biggest motivation is an inner believe, or an inner insight,

or an inner passion.. no matter how hard things are,

the greater force is the one that is rooted in purpose and in your personal vision itself.

as long as you are able to find this place inside you,

the place that believes in something,

it means you found a true source of power

a power that can shake your world and others world .

a power that can heal you and others

Knowing that his heart was broken and damaged
But you held him anyway?

Managing Emotions and the Leap of faith :

feeling afraid , cautious , uncertain or weighed down or concerned about something is totally fine

but this does not mean we stop craving the things that make us and our world real .

emotions come and go but the leap of faith

will take us to the maximum potential.

it does not mean we shall move or take action in dangerous situation.

but to believe we always can take a step back preparing ourselves before

taking the leap of faith that will change our destiny .

Excitement and Empowerment:

If you believe in something strong enough,

you may meet doubters or  haters,.

and this is because people sense the emotion of excitement

that comes naturally with a strong belief,

like a strong smell or  flame attracting bugs, and they can’t stand it.

So they will probably try to shake your faith , fill you with doubt .

what you do is to ignore their negativity and focus on growing your wings

which takes long time of training .

maybe years of experience and practice   .

many trials.

your strength and your skill will grow with time

with every mistake and every repair .

with every lesson and every reward .

The Role of Accumulation/ Growing wings Life Lesson:

keeping  all the information saved in your mind or your body

is an accumulation work

don’t think your effort is ever wasted .

the more you read or practice , the more the capacity

and the storage you have .

it is not about saving itself  but

about growing that space in your mind and heart

that is helping you mature .

that is making you more of what you are .

it is about  building up your personality  and human ability muscles

releasing and activating your natural intelligence .

you can trust the accumulation process.

just put your effort , and give it a time

wait for the plant to grow till you collect fruitful and satisfying results

and effortless knowledge that comes from no where .

“Have you spoken in a language?

That you’ve never heard before but your memory

Understands it anyway?!!”