Emotions and Human Worthiness 

Emotions and human worthiness: regarding the earlier feedback on the same topic which shows that many of the available  material is somehow  not very satisfying in terms of getting to the core points or speaking openly to the heart,

this is a try to both expose and discuss the different aspects of feeling our feelings and how its essential to self image and getting in touch with our human worthiness.

Conscious Emotions Guide the way :

Did you have any idea that emptiness is in fact a feeling of numbness ?!

Yes it is and it may happen on many levels.

One may feel empty on a soul level,

this is where people leave their higher self behind and start acting in an inhuman way without having any moral standards, regrets or guilt.

They may mislead and manipulate their own emotions in order to believe they are in fact victims ,

they may also work on making everyone else feel or beleive so.

Such emptiness is like a hungery monster,

it feeds on other people’s energy, purity, happiness, success and self esteem .

Becouse it is unconscious pain and unconscious anger towards oneself that gets redirected to the external world.

Jeoulsy for example is in fact a merg of ungratefulness and suppressed lack that may turn to a destructive and dark need to take what belongs to others

or to a childish or selfish centerism that makes people greedy and want everything just to cover up that hole in their connection with themselves.



Now that feeling guilt or pain and the ideas attached to them are not pleasant, many people avoid them,

or they believe them 100 percent which is not right either.

The right way is the middle way, staying in the feeling but not forever.

For that twisting reality does not change it,

it only creates even more imbalances in the mind itself and in the energy field itself.

So When acting immorally naturally leads to feeling of emptiness and unworthiness acting morally leads to fulfillment and worthiness.


Case two : Emptiness on the Social Level – Numbed Emotions

We are social creatures and that is our nature, no one can change such fact.

Extroversion is embedded in everyone’s system, so does introversion. 

We all need times of social interaction and  times alone to reflect.

The only difference is in the percent of each phase.

Introverted people needs more time alone while extroverted thrive more in the social realm.

It is a balance that makes the world the way it is.

 But when the social interaction is not as satisfying for whatever reason … corruption, misunderstanding, major differences and irrelevant or unsuitable environment, the social emptiness happens.



it is an emptiness of the communication signals that should run into the body and makes it feel / interact.

For that the body itself  needs to move

and it also needs the circulation of its own energy or transmission plus  extra  feedback from the external environment.

If the feedback ” good or bad ” is not there, the body is like a walking Skelton that has no life.

This ofcourse affects the feeling of worthiness and it sends signals to the subconscious mind that the body is  in a lack position.

To sum up … human worthiness is an unquestionable fact,  but to be in the right zone of feeling the bless of such worthiness is a different thing.

we need to get in touch with our own emotions and make the necessary amendments in our behavior 

or / and in our environment that plays a great role in communicating the feelings of worthiness or unworthiness to us.