Fame and The Spontaneous Game

Fame  film produced in 2009, telling  the story of  a very interesting  group of talented  students on their way to discover themselves and their own talents and  abilities by studying  in the art school  while taking classes , and experiencing life,   wishing  and dreaming of being famous one day .

Inspiring Environment:

a lot of  positive energy comes from   the  creative inspiring atmosphere of   the high school and its techniques in  teaching  teenagers  different types of arts like singing , improvising , dancing , self-expression , acting , directing  ..etc .

Developing the Individual Identity:

the school does not only focus on  discovering and exploring  the   student’s  talents , it also tries to encourage them to be themselves .

it  provokes their personal growth and helps them  finding out who they are from inside so that they can innovatively  use that to create genuine art   that represents them.

classes had so many ideas that show   how to  develop student’s perspective and  wisdom regarding life  using their own experiences as a part of their journey to define each one’s unique identity , and to make something useful out of this uniqueness .

Inspiring Scenes and Extracted Meanings:

  • In the singing class , the thing that mattered was not how to perform perfectly but how to perform smoothly and effortlessly ( vulnerable performance )  ,,, it is not the high notes , but  the notes  that come naturally and out of a real feeling is the one that got the teacher’s  attention and admiration .

  • Another experience was when the vocals teacher took the students to perform in front of small crowd on stage to melt  the fear of  facing the audience while singing in front of them , student’s performances were ok  ,  till the students pushed their teacher herself to perform on the stage  and they started asking her personal questions about her life and she almost cried over the missed opportunities that could have made her famous .

this is where we get that the learning process is a full circle of  shared life experiences and mutual   interests and charged emotions , combined with compassionate friendship  and caring human feelings .

  • Another scene in self-expression class :  a student was too anxious talking or giving a good speech that the teacher told her to simply not to talk  (at them ) but ( to them ) , which emphasize  the importance of the inner motive and the honest open communication .

  • Another scene is when a family was shocked by their daughter’s singing performance while she was supposed to only  play music , they tried to make her stick to her original field of study but she was already feeling like she found herself so she sang anyway .

The Spontaneous Game:

The most inspiring class in my opinion was the one where the teacher was teaching students how to respond spontaneously to each other’s vocal and random physical expression .

he said don’t think just act and react / respond .

Let the expression come whatever it is .

and this is an excellent training to practice the spontaneous instinctive body reactions and its random authentic  language.

it also can serve as a tool to discover one’s feelings and emotions when it is hard to figure them out on a conscious level , and this by  a very simple exercise .

simple Exercise to Figure out How you Feel :

First / getting ready :

  • Define the specific topics you want to know how you feel about , and put  them in a table made of one column .

  • Create another column in the table and name it “the spontaneous response”  .

  • Create another column and name it “the emotion I am experiencing “.

  • ( optional )  create another column and name it “the reason I think it is behind the emotion” .

  • ( optional ) create another column and name it “things I can do to manage the emotion” .

Second / let’s play :

  • Give your self a 5 minutes of quietness , then start responding  spontaneously  without thinking or filtering your impressions  that may come as words or comments or whatever comes to your mind, you will be surprised about what you are writing and you will find out how you feel from those fast instant  answers  , it is like we are deceiving the subconscious mind to give us the true answer  and  not giving the conscious mind a chance to fake it  , and  this is pretty much the same technique used in professional  intelligence agencies  to find out if someone is lying.

For example :

The topic

The spontaneous answer

The emotion

My talents

Well used


My career

I don’t know



I need



My life












I hate



I like