Embracing Human Imperfection in Sydney white

Sydney White :  an updated version of classic snow white

Light comedy discussing the life of a young girl who had a profound effect on her colleagues by providing a perspective that is more collective and democratic and welcomes  diversity and appreciates all people as they are.

The Elite is in the service of others:

What the concept refers to in a truthful sense is not the group of people who practice power over others.
the controlling elite – like in the movie- is when a group try to give themselves an advantage over others.
they may give themselves the right to devalue others.
this is an abusive pattern that consists of just elite and followers.
So what the word elite means ?!
An elite is someone in service of others.
And the greater the service , the higher the elite .
The elite is never a bully, never competitive
but they are goal oriented, derived by the sense of responsibility, and they seek achieving their goals using what is available .
The real elite is naturally provided by skills
one of these skills is open heartedness and empathy
the ability to contain and provide insightful help in any field.
to be able to execute whatever they are here to do, they are naturally modest and down to earth.
and they don’t intend to use their power over people, but for people

the imperfect nature of humans: 

People are vulnerable creatures no matter how anyone may seem to be, we all feel the same feelings.

we all are allowed to express our emotions no matter what they are.

Perfection is being simply in alignment with who we are as humans.

including our genuine strengths and weaknesses

to act genuinely is to just be, not altering anything for sake of approval.

And any imperfection in this case is a perfect chance of development and growth.

some imperfections are there to remind us of our humanity.

a Leader is a believer:

Sydney white’s social and human role was to help her friends believe in themselves,

and to make them get out of their comfort zone so they are able to  experience life to its fullest.

she  believed in her friend’s abilities, and saw no shame in their human imperfection.

Sydney is an ultimate leader, she leads by example and by empathy, and by genuine care.

Control is an illusion, replace it with discipline / Life lesson:

When the person’s intention  is to control others for the sake of controlling them,  this is such a narcissistic tendency  that ends up in failing to control anything both the inside and the outside world .

For that controlling others is nothing but a desperate try to run from oneself ,and since the inner self is not settled in such case, it is very hard to stay calm and focused enough to keep the outer control in place .

On the other hand controlling oneself is another illusion, because one cannot deny his vulnerability even if he pretended to be in control of his emotions

the suppressed undealt with emotions are there, very alive, very active and ready to disappoint the pretending show .

… only when we are present to our own needs and when we confess our weaknesses  we are powerful enough to  face whatever . ( let us hear it for the dorks  / famous line from the movie ) .