Embodying Emotions and Human worthiness

Emotions are a big part of our human identity

it is that constantly changing part of us and the substance necessary  to understanding ourselves and the world around.

 embodying emotions by writing or by making art shows a big deal of self validation and  asserts our own worthiness as emotional beings.

this is why expressing emotions is as necessary as breathing air,

and the tools of expressing are as important. 


The value  of  human  Emotions :  


Every time I watch a movie with a dark general  emotional mood I get the sense of ( how important the character’s feelings are ).

I get the sense of ( it is a big deal) when the  dark dramatic music hits.

And when the main actor starts to  cry

or when he feels all lost staring in the vain, while the weather is cold and the streets are wet and it never stops raining.

this concentration on the character’s feelings remind us with the fact that every human is a little valid world.

such individual  world is a part of the collective consciousness, part of everything.


Human worthiness  :


 it is important to show that human feelings are a gift, and a miracle. 

and It is a big deal to feel alone as a human which can be very well presented in a scene.


The Role of Art :


showing how important the feeling is can be the  artistic loudest  cry to  affirm  the worthiness of the human race regardless,

 it is also  the best way to stamp the word “worthy”  on the front head  of  every human being  for that we are the children of God,

 we  ourselves have always been the divine unlimited sovereign and honored entities that their life’s emotional force is worthy of  expressing and exploring.

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