Embodying Emotions and Human worthiness:

Emotions are a big part of our human identity

it is that constantly changing part of us and the substance necessary  to understanding ourselves and the world around.

embodying emotions by writing or by making art shows a big deal of self validation 

It also asserts our own worthiness as emotional beings.

this is why expressing emotions is as necessary as breathing air,

and the tools of expressing are as important. 

The Value  of  Human  Emotions:

Every time I watch a movie that has an emotionally dark general  mood I get the sense of ( how important the character’s feelings are ).

I get the sense of ( it is a big deal) to feel sad or when the  dark dramatic music hits.

And when the main actor starts to  cry

or when he feels all lost staring in vain, while the weather is cold and the streets are wet and it never stops raining.

this concentration on the character’s feelings remind us with the fact that every human is a little valid world of his own.

such individual  world is a part of the big world called collective consciousness, part of everything.

 It is important to show that human feelings are a gift, and a miracle. 

That It is a big deal to feel helpless or struggling as a human being  which can very well presented  in a scene.


The Role of Art :

showing how important the feeling is can be the  artistic loudest  cry to  affirm  the worthiness of the human race regardless,

 It  is also  the best way to stamp the word “worthy”  on the front head  of  every human being  for that we humans are the children of God,

 we  ourselves have always been the divine sovereign  entities that their life’s emotional force is worthy of  expressing and exploring.

Emotional validation and  Curiosity:

emotions is always a big puzzle to me

they are elusive, and have millions of reasons to happen

from mind chemistry and natural primitive reasons

to our patterns of thinking and habits of interacting

it is a complex world you can not surf without drowning in

and this is because of overlooking  an important element which is “the necessity of taking emotions as subtle as they are”

overthinking the reasons behind emotions gives depth in understanding our personalities and characters

but does that help us actualize  ourselves ?!

the answer is no,

because we are only ourselves when we feel our emotions not when we think in our emotions.

as simple as it may seem,

emotions are not so easy to feel for many people who had problems in childhood.

feeling is the same meaning as staying:

to stay in the situation, the way you perceive it in that moment

and to believe it and how you see yourself in it

not to discard or reject it.


for example, in a situation that makes me feel unintelligent or slow ,i have to let myself believe  that for a  moment.

letting myself feel.

this will continue for a while and then will go away.

because only the situation caused this feeling,

it does not define me as a person forever.

here, to be curious about my feeling is liberating.

because to love the way i feel, means i am ok with whatever comes out from my whole system.

and that i am curious to know how my whole system interacts with events

and how it makes me feel a certain way.

emotions can be the art that we are happy just to look at and explore.

they are subtle byproduct of who we are in a certain moment.


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