Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted : a comedy romance and adventure movie,

considered as another modified version of classic Cinderella who lived under hard circumstances with her step mother and her step sisters who mistreated her.

Life isn’t Fair:

The movie is Just like the classical story which shows that sometimes hate and jealousy and evil can win over goodness, innocence and honesty for a while and may be for good.
This is a necessary shock that we all get as we grow

to make it clear that life is not precisely a forever place or a paradise to settle in.

Sure it is important in itself, but it is not as complete or perfect as we imagine as kids
Life is all about doing what we can and what we should do to make things right and to stay kind in the process.
Sure To win does not mean becoming too practical to the limit of selfishness ,

and to win does not mean we stop believing or fighting for the sake of the right things .

Life is not always Fair but we can be Fair and we can bring Fairness every time.

Don’t Give up and do what you have:

Even under the hardest circumstances,

we shall keep searching for the keys that can unlock our full potential

Just like Ella who was under a spell that keeps her  obedient to execute every order anyone asks her to do

Which is an absolute inner prison that takes away her free will , her power and her self worth but she didn’t give up .

She tried so many things and never stopped resisting her inner walls

This reminds me with the very nice people who are not used to say no to others and are people pleasers.

They are just like Ella prisoned in their fear of rejection or being seen as unkind or rude.

To break the belief of ” I have to be obedient so that people will like me”

is just like Ella’s spell she was trying to get off, uneasy and takes a lot of practice.

Inner prisons :

No matter how Ella tried to break the spell and get her freedom back she could not,

until she was in a serious situation that gave her no choice but to unleash her full power and release herself to save her loved ones.

Finding a strong why can be a life changing event
We saw that in corona virus circumstances that accelerated many inventions to help manage the consequences.
On the other hand pleasing people is not the only psychological spell that was thrown at so many people from a toxic environment or unhealthy childhood, or abusive relations that left a mark on their soul.

Freedom and unlocking the Human Abilities / life lesson :

Ella faced so many challenges,

got herself in trouble so many times in her way to freedom.

but in the end she could break the spell

Because spells are breakable

, all they need is some persistence and honest intention to keep the search for the best effective method that work for us personally to heal for good

finding peace and getting the empowerment we deserve is achievable,

we can learn that from Ella.