Numb by Linkin Park

Numb by Linkin Park, a song explains the feeling of emptiness and self-detachment

when losing one’s connection with himself in toxic relations

that can take place with control freaks, manipulators, disbelievers.

or anyone who may have a negative effect on us .

Lyrics and Extracted Meanings:  

I’m tired of being what you want me to be

Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface

Don’t know what you’re expecting of me

Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes

A healthy connection is about care , freedom ,empowerment

and respect and support .

this is why One healthy connection can be enough to feel fulfilled, balanced

happy and satisfied .

toxic Control may happen in many forms in relations ,

this is where inner conflict starts to emerge

depression and emptiness are symptoms of those relations .

when acting against nature to avoid conflicts

or diminishing oneself to fit in a small box

trying to please and see the world from their view

ignoring yourself to fulfill another

this is when you start to become numb .

Every step that I take is another mistake to you

Types of Control:

Control maybe imposed by parents

who want to live their life on the expense of their children’s life

parents who are narcs want to project their issues on their children .

to process through them .

and this happens too  in romantic relations .

on the expense of the ” more giving ” partner who is

usually more empathetic  .

There are many types of control

there is a covert control which is an indirect or covered by manipulation .

and there is overt control which is loud and clear .

The source of all kinds of control is fear

people who are trying to control others actions  are not in control of their own lives

Can’t you see that you’re smothering me

Holding too tightly, afraid to lose control?

‘Cause everything that you thought I would be

Has fallen apart right in front of you

How to act to people who make us feel numb / life lesson?!!

don’t hesitate to disappoint no matter who is trying to take your power

 Because the more you give their power  ,

the more they are willing to use it against you

to satisfy their endless need to feel superior .

they have limited or no capacity to process their  own emotions,

they run away from themselves in you

making you a numb hostage .

they may use  many things to keep you this way

like  manipulation or gas lighting or mind games

but you always can stay in your power

by staying in your own shoes , holding to who you really are

and never give them the chance to erase or steal your flame .

feel your feelings

think your thoughts

face your challenges

then you are hard to be manipulated

All I want to do

Is be more like me .

And be less like you