Dahmer Netflix’s New obsession

Dahmer: a recent production  from Netflix ” late 2022″ about the story of a serial killer named Jeffery Dahmer who lived in Wisconsin

and committed 17 killing crimes along side with brutal torture to his victims and other inhuman behaviors.

episodes created by Ryan Murphy.

Netflix’s Effect/ Role in making a phenomena :

it is an undeniable effect Netflix has on making a worldwide propaganda

and making a phenomena out of its specifically successful series and their related stories/ topics.

this Netflix effect showed in La casa de pabel

and in so many other productions like Elite, 13 reasons why and stranger things.

the same effect appeared in the latest production based on a true crime story of a serial killer who did twisted things to his victims

but how can we make a good use of this Netflix world-wide ranged effect?!

and how to avoid its challenges on forming a healthy clean awareness that doesn’t normalize or identifies with violent psychopaths and their sick behaviors .

Energy grows where Attention goes :  

the admiration you can easily sense from the fans and the audience on that exact production can be easily mistaken with the admiration of the actual criminal,

or the beast, the devil who committed all these dark nasty things.

also the admiration of a good performance or a good presentation  can create an  underlying subconscious connection with the actual serial killer’s world and their ways of seeing things.

no matter how educated or aware you are, those feelings can get you.

because under the charm of good acting so many details can stuck in your memory coming  from and through  the unconscious portal.

it means that you are fed with very violent content for the most part while  you are so busy with all the excitement

that you have no idea how much suppressed anger is now interacting with those details.

the pleasure of the excitement will go but the brutal scenes will take longer time to go and they will provoke some questions too.

like why i identify  with the main character and why so many people like him?

is it wrong to empathize with a criminal who represents pure evil?!

Intensity is a quality ” intense violence in Dahmer ” :

i keep fixating on the idea of ” intensity is a quality ” so that people can understand why they tend to like bizarre things.

anything on a certain level of intensity has an attraction element and is considered powerful in its own way.

it does not matter if this thing is good or bad.

the only difference is that liking intense ” evil or bad” things come with a price of resistance or guilt.

it is like on one hand you know that he is a criminal but at the same time you think it is awesome.

intense violence draws attention but it still bothers you clearly the whole way long

because killing is still a violation to humanity and to nature.

if you can’t handle it, don’t go with it :

Trends are a portal to so many strange  things that may or may not suit  you.

if you don’t like violent scenes don’t go watch,

and if you are missing parts of you still searching for an identity or a way to go, try watching more of a role modely inspirational things.

if you are an Empath and certain things trigger you, don’t watch.

but eventually if you watch, watch critically and carefully.