Comeback Art from Friends

Friends : a famous television show series about 6 individuals who become best friends who help each other through life .

Effect of watching Friends Several Times :

It is the number one most favorite comedy show in history for a good reason.

not becouse  the comedy or the actors or the script or the idea , it is the full package .

Creating a safe space between the 6 Friends becomes a safe space for audiences too.

And from here it becomes a learning space .

Learning about friendship and what it takes to be a good friend , and what to expect from our friends .

Sharing good moments on screen providing comfort  and laughter becomes therapy .

But there is more .

Friend’s sarcasm is smart enough to be used in real life and the combacks are real inspiration.

We use comebacks as a defense  in case we face unsensetive or mean comments or when we want to assert our rights while  making our point .

Comeback between Art and Practice :

Everyone has the funny friend  who effortlessly make the best jokes and the best comebacks from nowhere, creating sarcasm spontaneously from anything .

This kind of people is actually naturally gifted, don’t try to keep up with them , or compete against…just try to learn from them.

Creators of friends and script writers are exactly this kind of people , insanely gifted and write the best comebacks.

We watch them frequently so that we  capture the sarcastic spirit, the techniques of responding  and their creativity .

By practicing , it becomes easier to create your own comeback then use it whenever you need  in life .

which indeed is full of situations calling you to step up and assert yourself .

Number one Basic Rule to build a comeback : 

80 % of comebacks are not denying or pushing the aggressive comment away , instead they build on them and they build higher than them .

For example. 

When Ross said : somebody at work ate my sandwich. 

Chandler did not say it is not a big deal , whay are you making a big deal out of it ?! 

Instead he built on his assumption while making his point ” what did the police say ?! ” 

Now ot is clear it is not that a big deal 

Ross responds : this sandwich was the only good thing going on in my life , somebody ate the only good thing going on in my life 

So he himself created an assumption and built on it to assert his right of feeling bad about the stolen sandwich. 

Another sort of building is not rejecting the idea right away , but agreeing then paradoxically saying no .

Joe : hay phoebs, do you want any help ?! 

Phoebe : ” I wish I could but I don’t want to ” 

Another example : building an action over another action the same exact way of repeating someone’s behavior to show them they are wrong .

Like repeating the same words but in a funny voice which is teasing of course 

Also When phoebe changed her name to princess consuela bnanna hammock and her fiance wanted to show her it is not good he told her alright I will change my name too .

I am gonna be crap bag , and when her friend came he told her why don’t you introduce me by my new name showing that strange names are offensive. 

Another example of building up …

After loosing in poker phoebe gave Ross and chandler her money but said 

phoebe : OK take it but you should know this money is cursed 

Ross : what ?! 

Phoebe: yea i cursed it, so bad things will happen to whoever use it 

chandler: that is ok , bad things happen to me anyway .

At the end we only should use comebacks for good or   the funny spirits will come haunt us fully loaded with sarcasm.